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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


When you wake up from a wonderful dream and the happy feeling still lingers on...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mumblings & Ramblings on A Sleepless Night 2

I really don't feel sleepy. And I have all these thoughts running inside my head.Usually when I have these thoughts I turn to FB. But now, FB irritates me. Just like that.. I am too lazy to type why too

I was thinking how long it will take for someone to completely get over the loss of someone. I feel the "till" of till death do us apart is very accurate.Coz, once you are dead, then  that's it.

I know everyone has the right to their life. But, i feel very sad when the thought comes that we are not that special, but always and anytime replacable.

What a life.. not pitying my life.. Generally pitying human life.


Mumblings & Ramblings on A Sleepless Night

The more the people you interact with, the more the stories you hear. The more you start living in that world of thoughts and mental images.Like  the other day, we had guests over for dinner. Nowadays its all machine made, even rotis. Can't blame anyone for the rising popularity of half cooked chapatis, just thing about all the effort of kneading the dough and rolling out perfect round chapatis it will save. All you have to do is just heat them in the tawa. So anyways half cooked chapatis are a hit nowadays. And its too at my place. Mother in law endorses them and we all have them without any complaints. And frankly I don't find any difference in taste as I feel they are equally tasty as the home made ones.

So we were all having these chapatis, when an uncle said he prefers homemade ones. Then talks about  rotis ensured and somebody finally said that rotis which are made by inmates of state prisons are marketed these days and they are the cheapest but the best in taste. This irked the grandmother of the house. Then we came to know that she never allows chapatis made by prison inmates to be bought, because it was made by "those" people. Mental block she says.

This prompted my Father in law to reminiscence something from his past. He said when he was a small kid, there was a guy in the village, some Padmanabhan Nair, fondly called Padmanabhan chettan, who was a helpful hand and well known and liked by all. There was a tea shop owner who was one Kuriakose. These two people were  thick friends and so. One day a simple conversation happening in the tea stall between these two changed into a heated argument which led Mr Nair to take the knife from the kitchen and stab  Kuriakose, in the spur of the moment.  And Kuriakose just dropped down dead.

When Nair looked around he saw some witnesses there, all stunned. Seems that he ran and ran and then he sat down near the canal and started crying. Then after sometime he freshened up, went to the police station and surrendered himself.

A case ensued. But then due to the public likeness of Nair, it seems that no witnesses came forward. Nair confessed the crime and begged for him to be arrested, but the lack of evidence made the court to let him go free.Seems that he cried on hearing this decision. That evening Nair took his life savings and went to the house of the deceased. Kuriakose had leaven behind a wife and 3 kids. He said sorry gave them his money and left. Next day morning he was found hanging in his bedroom. He had killed himself leaving a note which said that he didn't prefer a life of injustice which was not worthy of living.

So that's how the story ended, with a conclusion from my FIL that there might be people so too who are innocent or circumstantial victims, who are trapped by law. And here are greater criminals roaming around free. So, grandma should not see them all with the same eyes and should be open to all

I don't think the story changed ammachi's thought process, but I am sure she  enjoyed the narration. But then, who doesn't like a good story to go with good food.. I have seen those chapatis and curry been sold at at the museum gates here in the city. And for sure, Kuriakose and Padhmanabhan nair will occupy my thoughts every time I see those food stalls, for a period of time.. :)