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Thursday, April 21, 2016

If you have the habit of jotting down stuff, then going through some of your old journals might sound interesting. When i recovered my password and went through my long lost secret blog today, i found out that i am more tamed down and the wild- wanderer like side I prominently had a couple of years back is lost down the lane somewhere.
Reading the stuff I wrote down then, I wonder coz the me now is so into practical life, that the dreamer in me is lost somewhere, and whats now is what this whole material world has molded me to be..Many might feel this is the best way to be, but the the other side is not all that bad, i may say.
Feels should wander off once in awhile, to get in touch with your old self. Expanding your horizons might sometimes give you more satisfaction that the job you have and the money you make..
Blessed are those in trance
With no worries or tears
And no tug of war for love
Just peace, happiness and eternal bliss
Like a psychedelic dream in a purple haze.
And the thoughts of a free mind goes on..