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Monday, August 3, 2015

People, their perspectives, their understanding, the world around them,it's all really very diverse. The power, the hierarchy, the society, all just to be reduced to null in a matter of not even a considerable fraction of a second.Still the fights exists.
Who are we supposed to prove here. What is the tomorrow that we look forward to?Is there actually a tomorrow that we can say with surety? Are the basic human emotions all the same or are the so called detached ones devoid of the feelings that the majority thinks that make us humane?
Reinforces the thought that only what we want to see around us is real, while everything else is just a black hole. From earth unto earth we are, why spoil the handful of moments in despair.
Or will there ever be anyone who unifies us in the path of life, without sorrow and without fight.Like the love and like the life i may see or like the glory of the world in unison as you may see....
So, what's there that resides in the bottle of liquor which draws us back to it, the so-called dominant vice?
Is it the high of the moment that we fail to forget
Is it the venting into our real emotions like we always wanted to
Is it for that unprecedented and non-stopping flow of nostalgia
Is it for those moments where truth seem close to our fantasies and fantasies seem more real than reality, and where the life we live is exactly the one we want without any regrets
Or is it just another biochemical reaction in the mighty brain of ours

Friday, July 3, 2015

The choices we made, the paths it made us take, and the place we are now, is it for the better or the worse, who can say for sure?

The tangles of the society that we are tied in, the uncouth customs that are forced upon us, aren't all these provoking us to be an alter self. Not always, but every now and then?

The love which once was there, when it fades away into the horizon. The innocent soul that's you over there, still waits for in hope. Knowing that what's gone will never return, but then still resigning to live a life full of lies and desperation.

And one day when the end nears, when we know that there nothing forward, what will run upon the mind

The bonds we should have broken before
The kisses we should have shared before
The roads we should have traveled before
And the life we should have lived before

Sad but true, it may be so
Who knows who gets the audacity
To go the way their joys lie


Monday, June 1, 2015

Once upon a time, actually just a few years back, life was quite carefree. Problems were few and smiles were aplenty. There was music and love. Life was good. Then years went by, and suddenly life became more mechanical, at least for many I know. Routines, responsibilities and so on. People who made our life then, disappeared into the oblivion just like that. And life went on, in a definitive good way. There was still love, there was still music, but another kind of good it was.
And then one day in between the daily rush, something might stop us on the way, just like that. It might be a song, a picture, or a lone line which caught our eye in the pages of an old book. Whatever it might be, it is sure to put a smile on our faces. A smile which is a reflection of our carefree past. A smile that just unlocks all the wonderful memories which made our day then.
And the smile which reminds you that maybe scenarios may have changed, but you still remain the same. And a reminder that it doesn't take much of an effort to make your day..
Feeling nostalgic, happy, and everything nice.. smile emoticon

Saturday, May 23, 2015

We live. For what, most of us fail to understand. And sometimes when those skeletons from the cupboard come out in the open, then again we start to think in the moment, why? Why this life so , why this haste and why these tears.

I wish somebody knew..