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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Worry Issues

These days I worry about many things. And that too for no reason at all. Sometimes this , sometimes that. I am so creative that I can easily find something to worry about and the same thing may seem lame after a couple of days as I would have found something new to worry about by then.

Seriously, this habit of mine worries me at the moment. It's not the case of an idle mind, because mine is hardly idle. I have a job to do, a kid to take care of, I am occupied. Still these unwanted and creepy thoughts still remain.

Not feeling good, that's the final point. Dreams also not good. Not that I remember all of it, but what I do, not that pleasant. Can't call them dreams, because they are supposed to be happy and pleasant. From what I can remember, mine seems like a night time projection/rewind of my daily life.

There is a lack of magic. Rock songs slowly seeming appealing again.

Maybe I should go the Yoga way. Let's see.

Till then

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