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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 1

So,I am facing the Writers Block.Not that I am a writer writer, but since writing down something is what I intend to, but fails to nowadays, I guess the usage would be apt here.

I am seriously out of ideas, no inspirations, nothing. I guess maybe it is because my life is going at a very smooth and balanced way. No high highs, no  low lows. In other words boring and normal. And from this condition,arises the inability to jot down something.

Ideas do come, sometimes. Mostly, when I am almost about to drift into sleep. But then I think, tomorrow, will surely write it down. Then tomorrow comes, but then I forget about what it was I wanted to write.The memories will be vague. I will know it will be something beautiful, but then I won't know what it was.

So that's the story nowadays.

The moment just before you fall asleep is the best I feel. The mind of mine opens to many ideas. Words and pictures flow around. But the physical self finds it very hard to get up and move around and write down my thoughts.

Additions to life needed

Bedside pen and paper
Motivation to write

Hope I succeed

So long..


  1. I was never of the opinion that there's something called as a "writer writer". There's only a writer. Period. You write, therefore you are. It doesn't matter if you write in a personal diary which no one gets to read, or a blog which a few read, or someone who has several best sellers to his/her credit, they all are writers.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere. And don't worry about the frequent bouts of writer's block. That too shall pass. I should know.