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Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 3

So, it's the third continuous day of blogging. Good in a way, I guess it will help me get back to the track. But nothing much to write, no brilliant thoughts, no inspiring ideas. Just the usual daily stuff.

 And I traveled today. Not much just a journey of 5 hours which was extended to almost 7 hours thanks to the monsoons which just hit the place. An extra 2 hours or not, I am not complaining, it's cool and pleasant over here. And for a change, you can go to sleep without switching on the AC. A big relief that is.

Rains are good, but then overdose of anything is bad. Around 2 months back, we were badly affected by these rains.It was just around 2 hours of heavy rains and winds. And the result is the whole city suffered a power blackout for 24 hours. The first of its kind ever over here.

That day was real bad. Scary actually. The winds blew harder than ever. Only the strongest and most determined greens could hold their roots. Many other trees hit the ground, roofs flew off, the scene was a bad one. The weather was so bad. So bad, that it was a day that when you really wish that all your close ones are with you, cuddled under the same roof.But thankfully, the day too passed.

I have experienced these strong winds before. . The wind echoed throughout and that sound was really creepy.It was when I was in Udhampur. But I guess, thats the only creepy memory of the place. The others are quite wonderful. My first ever colder than the coldest winters, first ever touch of snow, it was all there. I remember walking in my lawn that December night. I t was cold, really. But it was good to be outside. And then it started drizzling.

Winter rains, they are a beauty. But I still didn't go inside. Stood there for some more time, gazing at the far away mountains. That feeling you get when the cold wind strikes your face, it was awesome. Dreams, desires, desperation, all came to my mind.  I think I wrote a blog that day, and I remember the ovie Holiday was running on TV.

It feels good to recollect these thoughts. Time traveling is an absolute pleasure.

And I didn't think people read these stupid ramblings of mine. But today I received a comment which made me realize someone did actually read something. That comment made me think about my old diaries.

Used to jot down a lot in them. But now I find typing more easier than writing, and its easier to carry along with you.

Not like the 8 years of diaries I have given to my sis for safekeeping. Don't know what will happen to them when she moves out.  Maybe I should save them.

Can't afford to lose them, because in those pages I have stored many memories. Memories that are precious and irreplaceable..

So ...

So long my blog...
Until day 4...


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