Social Icons

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Metal Status

Does the yellow metal really define your social stature?

Is it necessary to wear that all so shimmering gold ornaments to announce your wealth
And, if you don't does it make you a social alien?

Sadly,from my experience it does. In Gods own precious country of Kerala it does.

And yours truly is speaking from her very own experience. The endless hours of lectures and the astonished looks when they spot you bare necked at a function, I experienced it quite recently. I felt the preachers would have been less humiliated if i went there naked, but spotting jewelry.

You are free to wear your share of wealth. But why persuade others.Guess, the human mentality of making others go your way comes into action there.

Well,who am I to change others. But then,I can decide not to be defined by the yellow metal lusture.

Sure,I will wear something if I like it, not because I should, just because I love it. And if you judge me by the use or under use of it, really I am not bothered. :)

So, for the non-love of the yellow metal,I am signing off now.

So long folks...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Came across this somewhere....

And it feels like it's still there
Feels like an unfinshed story
An unspoken word
An incomplete memory
Coming back to you
And it feels like the story goes on
Not knowing where to end.