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Monday, December 9, 2013

Sleep Away

She could have slept if she tried to.. But then, she didn't.. why should she? After all there was the music, the etheral music she always loved.

The divine music which took her to the past..
The past which was only in her dreams
But the past which was real than the reality

The soulful music which made her realize
Realize what she was
Who she was..
What she was....

And then it stopped..
The music
The dreams
The love..

Sleep told her
Visit my haven
Where lies the pleasures unknown
Unreal but there
Short but sweet
Come...come on
My haven of dreams await you
Short but sweet
Lucky you are maybe
Then it will last for on

Sleep away she thought
The music has gone
The love has faded
The dreams have vanished

Sleep away she decided
To the realms of unreality
To the pleasures of the unsure

Sleep away..
Lucky if you are
Your answers you will get.


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