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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Living On

She had a dream to travel. Travel and see the world. Enjoy the many wonders that the nature presented. Relish the freedom. Live the dreams. But then... life happened.

Over a cup of coffee, sitting in a dimly lit room, watching the snowfall outside, there were many things that crossed her mind. Her wonderful childhood, which she didn't know how wonderful it was then. Her amazing college life, the worth of which she did not realize then. Then the dark years, the many tragedies, then now, Now, where she was.

At a point in time, everything seemed perfect for her. But suddenly out of the blue, it happened. Her body started fighting against her. Auto immune diseases she had studied of, somewhere jn her school texts. But never thought something like that would happen to her. Why should one's body fight against the self? But life as strange as is it, turned out that way for her. And she was diagnosed with the debilitating condition of Multiple Sclerosis.

It was denial at first, then it was depression. Then blaming  fate and God. The so called wonderful life of her friends passed before her eyes. The bright and promising future she had laid crumpled at her feet. She was sick. She needed help for everything. She couldn't hold a pen.She couldn't walk. The world was always going round and round for her. Her love had left her. She lost her zest, her will to live. She wanted to die.

But, death doesn't come easily to those who want it. She lived. Seeing many others with those wonderful lives perish before her eyes. She was confused. Then she realized. The uncertainness of tomorrow. She realized the need for living in the moment. Happiness was always there. She tried to seek out for it. She fought against her condition, she fought against the sympathizing society and she lived. She lived by learning to love herself, she lived by learning to accept herself, she lived by turning a deaf ear to the cruel world.

And now she was here. With a cup of coffee, watching the snowfall , pondering over her life. She felt content inside. She had found the happiness within her. She had learned the art of living. She had learned to make the best out of what she had.

She got up with the help of her walker. Her legs had given away their strength long back. But she walked on forward.

Tomorrow for her was a mystery. But, who cares about tomorrow. It was the moment that mattered for her. She had a lot to do. Nothing was going to stop her. She had a lot to do.

She moved on forward. Out in the cold , into the harsh weather, to achieve her dreams..



  1. I am not an voracious reader nor have a great vocab.. But I am someone who reads blogs.. They inspire me.. Ur writings are thought provoking.. Sends a message.. But seldom the actual pain can be sensed by anyone.. Happiness can truly be shared wat about pain.. Unless it prick their heart or skin are people ever goin to relate wat others go through.. A sad fact.. This world has actually become a prototype.. People just say they feel sorry for the sake.. Very few really mean it.. Our pain is souly ours.. None really bothers.. A hard face and fact of life.. Nothing matters.. Jus happiness a short lived phenomena.. Hope people change.. Just a wild dream which is never goin to be accomplished.. Have a great life writer.. Miracles will happen in course of time.. Keep writing cz u have a secret admirer down the lane "no matter what" in its pure sense..