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Monday, October 21, 2013

So you go,I go,everyone goess
Searching for peace
Serching for love
Searching for unkown joys
That seem to exist
In the holdings of others
The givings and takings
The tears and laughters
The joy of the foreseeing that beckons
The life of the lover in the wait
All the praise and  hallows
Once a fixture now a passe
Solitude was once my name
Misery was once my game
The lover’s game was once my fame
Thought the dice was dear
Thought the name was clear
Angst, oh, you struck me begone one again
Dreams and colurs,though you left behind
Drunken memory the colors vivid
Sleeplessness the joys beheld
Never waiting for you ever or never
The plesant tomorrow that leaves forever and ever
Going in search again
Always in the holdings of others
Unknown treasures that seem to exist.