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Saturday, September 21, 2013


Can you make others happy , if you are not happy with yourself?
So, is this sacrifice term really over rated?

Because, if you did not have to give up on something you really did not like, then it wouldn't be a sacrifice. If you give up something which you do not care for that much, it is just charity or donation and in no way sacrifice.And then, you give up something which was close to your heart, then it is sacrifice for sure, you made somebody else happy, but then what about your happiness?

Sulking on for life.
Life itself is perplexing and complex.

Just some early morning thoughts triggered by coffee overdose.


1 comment:

  1. Its easier to sacrifice something for someone you truly love in one instant, but its harder to forget the sacrifice and move on. People who sincerely love should not complain or keep tab of their sacrifices, but these people don't deserve to be loved because they forgot to love themselves first. How the hell can you love someone when you dont love yourself first? Me, learned it the hard way! ;)

    An early morning thought Eh? I believe the rest of the day wasn't any better.Begin the day a with smile, Take Care, Cherio