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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Money Matters

So, what will you do when you find that there is a certain 500 rs missing from your pocket?And the only person who roams about freely in your house other than your family is your maid? Is it necessary that I put the blame on the maid?

The thing is that you never notice that you have lost some money until you are really deprived of it.I would have never noticed that 500 is gone if my purse was full. But, here this was supposed to be the last mint in my purse as per my mental calculations. So, when it went missing , I noticed.

In my case, this can have happened maybe because I was a bit careless? I could have given a 500 rs note instead of a 100 rs one.Or could I have not?

I am actually not sure. But, I usually don't misplace money like that.And so again I am doubtful.

But, if my doubt is correct, then actually won't I be giving some sort of encouragement to the wrongdoer? Dilemma again.

I have decided to be more careful and watchful and keep a tab on everything. Let's see what happens.


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