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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Constant Constancy

Yeah, so times have changed. Scenarios have changed. Life has changed. People around us have changed. But, so what?Does it necessarily mean that we have to change?Really?

So, we grow. True. Physical change is inevitable. We reach an emotional saturation. We have our basic likes and dislikes. So, do they really change?

Me , they haven't. My dreams are the same. My happy place is the same. My favorite people are the same. My aspirations are the same.

In short, I am me. I haven't  changed.

I was just a small girl once. Then a woman. Then a wife. Now a mother. Maybe, after years, a grandmother.

But, the me inside the exterior has remained the same. I am me. And that's something that's never gona change.

And I am me, and that's something honey, u will never ever will be able to be!!!


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