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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Self Inspirational Note...

Tomorrow might be there, it might not be, who knows? Not me, for sure, and I do think not you also know it.The worries may disappear, or they may just carry on, carry on throughout your life. The joys of today, they may carry on. And that's what we all wish for, ain't it? Living each day, clinging on to the joys, afraid to let them go even for a second. For, we fear, well I fear the unknown path of life that lies ahead, if we let go of them. But, I should know, I might be there or I may be gone and long.

So, what I am saying is that, Why these thoughts? Why these worries?
Our worries are not going to change anything.
Better live this moment, and soak in the joys and sorrows, it gives us..
And continue forward with the hope, 
That whatever happens happens for the best..
It should happen for the best.
It must happen for the best.


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