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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Letting go can be tough, but then sometimes it may be the only way out...


Saturday, September 21, 2013


Can you make others happy , if you are not happy with yourself?
So, is this sacrifice term really over rated?

Because, if you did not have to give up on something you really did not like, then it wouldn't be a sacrifice. If you give up something which you do not care for that much, it is just charity or donation and in no way sacrifice.And then, you give up something which was close to your heart, then it is sacrifice for sure, you made somebody else happy, but then what about your happiness?

Sulking on for life.
Life itself is perplexing and complex.

Just some early morning thoughts triggered by coffee overdose.


Money Matters

So, what will you do when you find that there is a certain 500 rs missing from your pocket?And the only person who roams about freely in your house other than your family is your maid? Is it necessary that I put the blame on the maid?

The thing is that you never notice that you have lost some money until you are really deprived of it.I would have never noticed that 500 is gone if my purse was full. But, here this was supposed to be the last mint in my purse as per my mental calculations. So, when it went missing , I noticed.

In my case, this can have happened maybe because I was a bit careless? I could have given a 500 rs note instead of a 100 rs one.Or could I have not?

I am actually not sure. But, I usually don't misplace money like that.And so again I am doubtful.

But, if my doubt is correct, then actually won't I be giving some sort of encouragement to the wrongdoer? Dilemma again.

I have decided to be more careful and watchful and keep a tab on everything. Let's see what happens.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Constant Constancy

Yeah, so times have changed. Scenarios have changed. Life has changed. People around us have changed. But, so what?Does it necessarily mean that we have to change?Really?

So, we grow. True. Physical change is inevitable. We reach an emotional saturation. We have our basic likes and dislikes. So, do they really change?

Me , they haven't. My dreams are the same. My happy place is the same. My favorite people are the same. My aspirations are the same.

In short, I am me. I haven't  changed.

I was just a small girl once. Then a woman. Then a wife. Now a mother. Maybe, after years, a grandmother.

But, the me inside the exterior has remained the same. I am me. And that's something that's never gona change.

And I am me, and that's something honey, u will never ever will be able to be!!!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Self Inspirational Note...

Tomorrow might be there, it might not be, who knows? Not me, for sure, and I do think not you also know it.The worries may disappear, or they may just carry on, carry on throughout your life. The joys of today, they may carry on. And that's what we all wish for, ain't it? Living each day, clinging on to the joys, afraid to let them go even for a second. For, we fear, well I fear the unknown path of life that lies ahead, if we let go of them. But, I should know, I might be there or I may be gone and long.

So, what I am saying is that, Why these thoughts? Why these worries?
Our worries are not going to change anything.
Better live this moment, and soak in the joys and sorrows, it gives us..
And continue forward with the hope, 
That whatever happens happens for the best..
It should happen for the best.
It must happen for the best.