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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Shillong finally!!!

And so, I am at this new place. A new place far in the hills, a new place quite so green. A new place oh so cold, a new place that it rains all day long. A new place so serene , a new place of peace and quiet.

So, I am in Shillong. Not in the city, a bit away from the city, a good 20 km from the city centre.

But, the place is beautiful. And I have learned to live without fans and always sleep under the blanket. A place where there are no summers, it is truly the Scotland of the East.

Settling on with my new life, hope this place gives me beautiful memories to share with you guys.

And here what I view when I stand on my verandah.

My view is filled with the line of pine trees, and the endless greenery that lies beyond. Something which I have always hoped for, and like the dejvu which I always had before.

Beautiful place, hope to spend a couple of years here, atleast...

so long folks..

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  1. This is a place on my bucket list and I will be there probably this year.