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Friday, July 19, 2013

Of "Gents" and "Ladies"

I can't say I am a movie person, but I can't also say that I am not a movie person. I would not mind watching movies, but definitely not at a movie theater. I just cant accept the idea of sitting over a place for a good 2 hours. I would like to take breaks of my own, move around , pause the movie, replay the songs and scenes and so on. In short I would love to have a personalized movie experience, so a movie at a theater was always an avoidable option.

So I had almost given up on movie watching of this sort. But that was until my husband who was out of the country for some time came back. And according to the law of attraction of opposite polarities,he has turned out to be a first day first show movie buff. And woe being me, I was forced to accompany him to the movies , as a result of heavy doses of emotional blackmailing.

So, I am at a movie theater one day and the corner seat was my choice. There I was happily cuddled in the corner,with no one to disturb and munching on my popcorn. My bliss was suddenly disturbed by the guy who shows around the seats in the movie hall.Flashing his torch around, he was asking me to exchange seats with my husband sitting near me.

I couldn't understand the need  for such an arrangement. I slowly peeped over and saw a couple sitting next to us. The torch guy showing us around wanted me  and the other female to be seated in the middle and flanked by our partners. Not only us, the other couple in question also seem to be flabbergasted by this strange request. And what was  even stranger than the request was his reasoning behind it.

 Seems like the remaining seats in the row had male occupants. So the other girl cant be seated next to them, as they were "GENTS". And supposedly "GENTS" and "LADIES" cannot be seated together. And so if she exchanges her seat with her boyfriend, then she will be safe on one side, but she will be flanked on the other side by another "GENT", who was my husband. And so the best option was to seat the"LADIES" in the middle and flank them with their protective "GENTS".

Sounds utterly stupid, but this is a true incident. And this didn't happen in the 18th century. This just happened some weeks back. And this didn't happen in a rural village. This happened in a well populated city bustling with educated and cultured inhabitants, in God's very own country

Seriously, is this is way of protecting females. And if everyone behaves properly what is the need for the protection.What can possibly happen if a guy sits next to a girl in a movie hall?

I wonder how many other rows and columns in the movie hall the torch guy went on rearranging. It would have taken a hell lot of his precious time. I could have given the cinema hall people a better way to save their time.

 1. Segregate seats for men and women. Let one side be only for men and the other side only for women. So that if a couple walks into a movie hall, they can be seated in a safe way, and so they can end up watching the movie in the company of total strangers.

2. Start a counter for selling items like safety pins, pepper sprays, and blades. So that even if a girl is seated next to a guy, then she can protect herself with the help of these devices, in case the guy tries to molest her when the lights go off. This will also add extra revenue to the movie hall authorities.

Seriously!!People need to grow up. Safety is required. But that doesn't mean that rights should be compromised. Stupid regulations and rules create a stupid society indeed!!

When will this change??


Friday, July 12, 2013


Too much of anything is really not good.  This I know now. I am filled with too much emotions and thoughts. I keep on pondering and wondering about many many things. The overplay of emotions and thoughts have made me numb. Numb in the sense, I cannot find a medium as an outlet of my thoughts.I want to tell many things. But most of the time, its bundled up in my mind itself.I don't know who to tell or how to tell.

I am unable to find the words.
There are no words or no songs or no stories.
Everything is just plain.
And there is no clarity.
Decision making has become tiresome and difficult.
And choices are becoming the hardest.

I have not become crazy. I guess it is just a phase.

Hope it passes soon.