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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Hangover

The night of last Monday was one hell of a night!!!

I had reached my wit's end with my job. Working from home has of course its benefits. Well,it has got its disadvantages too. And that day I reached my saturation. Completed whatever work I could, and I ran away. Not that I actually ran away, I took a break. And went to the nearby beach. I felt as if I couldn't take it anymore.

And then at the beach it rained. It was cold, it was was my best day at the beach ever.and I wasn't alone. My husband, my sis, and her friend completed the group. It was all peaceful and poetic until the beers arrived.

I m not a person who gets high on beers. Nor do I drink that much. But then that day I got a bit more than happy high!!! So much high, that for the first time in my life I experienced blackouts!!!

I remember the first beer. Then there was a happy chatting, then the photos at the beach. Then I remember the second beer. Not completely. Then there was a third I guess. The rest I don't exactly remember.

I remember making decisions to enjoy life. Loud decisions that too.Then I remember some photographs. Then I remember the car. Then I remember telling my sister I want to vomit. Then I remember going upstairs to my bed. 

In between, after that, before that I do not remember.

Next day morning, I woke up at 6 or something. I didn't have a heavy head or anything. But as I said, there were only flashes of memory.

I saw that my 2 fingernails were broken. It was a surprise because I remember the nails to be there last day.I thought I slept in a pair of jeans, but I woke up in my pyjamas. Didn't know when I changed the dress.
Seems like the friend who accompanied us had forgotten his aviators at the beach shack and we walked all the way to get them. I didn't remember that too.

As a testimony of the incidents and to blackmail me, my everloving sister and husband has taken a photograph of me, sleeping all out and just like dead. And many other photos taken at the beach. Don't remember that either.

Maybe it was the beer. I guess it was a bit too over-fermented.
Maybe it was because I was having a bee after quite some time.

What ever maybe the reason, I finally experienced one of those Hangover moments in the morning, just like the movies, not that extreme but!!!



  1. I have same experience last week. I drank too much, danced with firang girls like hell like its my last day on earth and when I reached home I just blackout.I swear I am not going to drink again

  2. Well, that never happened to me or I can say that I have never tried to go beyond my capacity so can't say how does it feel like.

  3. Trust me, u r lucky not yo knoe hoe it feels like

  4. Beer got you? Could be like you said, it was too fermented.
    But you did not put up any of the pictures.

  5. u mean the hangover pics? not at all a good idea.. :)