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Saturday, May 18, 2013

What's In a Pic?

It's been what,  like almost 13 years since I passed my 10th grade. 13 long years.Seems like eons away. And after that it's been like college, another college, work, marriage, friends, other friends, more friends and so on. And we grow old. Well, 28 is kind of old when compared to 15. And with an increase in age our memory decreases slowly, slowly and slowly. New faces overlap the old ones. And except for our best friends, our neighbors  and the most popular kid in school, the chances of remembering  each and every person who has studied with us is practically nil. And it doesn't help if the school you studied had quite a big student population.

And so, all of a sudden,and after more than a decade, you suddenly get a friend request in FB. The name is quite common. It can be your Priya, Tina, Anjali, Riya, anything. From your common friends you can make out this particular person was your school mate. But the problem lies in the fact that the name does not have a face to it. Well Priya may have a display pic of a puppy, Tina might be Kate Winslet, and Anjali will be nothing but the evening sun above the sea. And here, the display pic was tweety. No more pics in the album, as privacy settings are quite high.

Ok. So, I respect your privacy madam. But, I am not in the habit of adding strangers to my list. So in all politeness , I ask.."I am sorry, kind of lost here. Can't really make out who you are. Please help" ( Smiley added at the end for a friendly feel).

And then comes the reply "What, you don't remember me? Really? I am hurt".

That's it. No indication as of who she is still.  I know she is not my best friend. Not my close friend. I don't think not even someone who qualifies as a friend. If that were the case, she would have been already in my list. So, how am I to make out from a pic of tweety, who that person is? I am quite sure tweety didn't study with me.

Well I replied." No, I don't. Will be helpful if you put up your pic".

No replies. It's been more than 2 weeks. I haven't accepted or declined her request. It stands like that. But tweety has changed to a phrase which goes something like " True Friends are Rare".

Seriously? Lady, put a face to that name. I might get you.

And please forgive me for not recognizing you, as I am getting old, my limbs are weakening, my vision is blurring and my memory is fading.

Maybe I should have one of those memory boosting drinks and tonics that they show in the advertisements!!!

so long

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Modern Health Care- A Life Changer and a Life Saver; Wait. No. Its Changed Decisions

Health care is not at all what it used to be in the old times. Why go back to the old times, health care has changed a lot in the past 2 two decades. New therapies have been discovered for cancer, organs transplants are being performed every other day and childless couples are given the chance to enjoy the joys of parenthood.

And these are all not paid stories and promotions that are put on paper by hospitals and clinics. Modern health care facilities have truly changed the life of many people and I am one to have experienced these benefits firsthand. And what more proof is greater other than your own personal experiences?

My story goes  so..

This was what I was going to write for a contest at IndiBlogger. First try at such a contest. But then I lost interest,. Of course I have had a pretty long stint at hospitals. And it still continues. But then I thought, why just write for a prize? I should probably be writing for myself, from my heart, what I want to, and not what Appolo hospitals wants me to write. I would love to have that ipad as a prize, but still I am not motivated.

Maybe its my sleepy brain that's playing tricks on me..

Hope I am motivated soon enough to enter some other contest. But then again, the post should reflect the nature of my blog. If so, I guess I will be entering some madcap contest.

Let's see..
I am sleepy.

But I got another glass of green tea to finish.

And now I feel like Carrie Bradshaw minus that cigarette.

Should stop for now.

 So long

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Baby and the Laptop

When there is a kid at home, you can expect some losses to happen. Like broken glasses, torn books, chewed upon clothes and so on. Well I have a kid too, around a year and a half old. But with the advent of my kid into this world something else had happened. The crystal  exhibits from the East are in place, no glasses broken, yeah the tearing of paper happens occasionally, but not that frequently and all her clothes are as good as new.

What changed was my laptop. My laptop is now like an old person. Be it a man or a woman, that doesn't count here. What matters is that it is showing a certain sign of old age.Just like old people don't have any teeth, or have some steady teeth with a lot hanging around. That's what my laptop is kind of right now.

It all started when my baby discovered the joy of smashing up things. And of all the things, what got into her hand was my laptop. It was like seeing a well made horror movie. You are sitting on the bed , baby just rolled over, your laptop in the bed, you reach out to take something, and the next thing you hear is a high pitched sound of something being plucked off forcibly, and then you turn around and notice your laptop keys in the kids hand.

The first key to go was "F". Then "U", and now "C".  I thought she was trying to spell out a particular word, and that too this young. But thank God, that wasn't the case.The next was my "up" arrow. And now there is no "T", no "Shift" no"G" , no "Caps" lock and no "Y".

Thank God, with practice even without the labeling  I know which key is where. Its just like your brain is programmed to go to those places where the keys existed before.

And so now, most of the times my keypad feels like a touch screen pad. I want to get another laptop, but I am just waiting to see how long this device will run. Not only that last year my actual laptop succumbed to thunder and lightning. It was a beautiful laptop, no complaints. And of all the electronic devices in the house,its just my laptop which perished to the fury of nature. And so, this is the second one in a year and a half, and so, that's another reason behind me thinking twice regarding changing the laptop.

When she started her fiasco with my laptop she was 4 months or so, so beating or scolding wouldn't have done any good. As time progressed, I tried the small pat on the bum, scolding, and forbidding her to touch the laptop, threatening that I will go "TATA" without her, and all techniques I know. She cries, becomes a good girl for sometime,and the next time she gets a chance off goes another key.

She is a good girl alright. Sleeps well, eats well and understands everything surprisingly well enough for a one and a half year old baby. But she has this thing for my laptop, an underlying passion to destroy it and only it.

So me, keeps the laptop out of  her reach always. Its more like a desktop now, because its mobility is restricted. But humans can fault, and dark times fall upon again when I leave the laptop unattended for a second. For my baby has now learned to climb upon tables and chairs.

And there goes my laptop tale. Don't know for how long will it be..But as long as it is,let it be.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Post Marriage Rules

A comment by an actress in the newspaper today got me thinking.. 

"You can wear modern clothes and cut your hair only till your marriage After marriage it is a different story.:"

So what after marriage, you turn into one of those people who are always traditionally clad? Sure things go change a bit. But,do you lose all your basic rights after tying the knot? I wonder which book dictates these rules?

Married for the past 5 years and I feel the statement is a load of bull.



Saturday, May 4, 2013

Those Last Moments

When you die, rather when you know you are about to die, what would your last thoughts be? Or would we have the time and state of mind to think?

Just a random thought.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sad but True

There was a princess, there was a pauper. And there was love.
Sadly, it was improbable and impossible.

Time passed.


There was a princess, there was a pauper. And there was love.
Sadly, it was improbable and impossible.

Some things never change. 

Sad, but true.