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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Of Forks,Spoons,and of Course Knives

I had my schooling throughout in a convent. So manners and rules were kind of hard and fast there. At lunchtime we were supposed to keep our tiffins upon  a cloth napkin and eat our  food with a spoon. It was a good thing actually. We learned to use cutlery perfectly and in the manner any convent educated kid should  know.

Ah well, the story changed when I reached college. Gone were the days of spoons and forks. Eat what you get and that too from no matter whose plate was the motto. Cutlery usage was reserved for only those special formal occasions.

And time passed on.
And I got married.

I got married from a "normal" family into an "army" family. My FIL is a retd colonel and my husband is a serving officer. So mostly everything in the house revolved around army customs and systems. Especially the dining part.

Dinner and lunch are an elaborate event at my husband's home. There is setting the table, placing the plates, then the quarter plate, then the fork, spoon, knives and  so on.It took a while for me to get the hang of eating like you do at a restaurant at your home, but then slowly I got used to it.

Eating rice with fork and spoon was okay. But having idlis and dosas with knife and fork,,well not my thing it was.And there were many mishappenings that ensured.

I still remember the time that I was asked to eat a samosa with a fork , after about 15 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to eat it, i finally decided to use my god given hands for the purpose. My in laws were horrified, but I guess mine was a better choice rather than having to spill the samosas on the floor. I would have fared better,if they had given me a knife along with the fork.. :)

And now, I have a kid who is one and a half years old. Like all kids, she too is a messy messy eater.But the best part is that she tries to feed herself nowadays. And for that she insists on giving her a spoon.. Nothing gets into the spoon and her mouth, and she feeds the floor eventually.. But still,she needs a spoon. for everything.

Going the army way I guess.. :)



  1. As I was reading, I was just telling myself, "thank God she is not in an army background" when you hit it right there with "married into an army family"
    Any way, it has its pros and cons but all said and done, I like my hands.