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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hot Hot Hot

Summers are horrible this time. So horrible. That many of us are victims to this unwanted fury of nature.

Take  me for instance.Being a Sunday, I thought that I will pamper myself and have a long and refreshing bath. Got up late , decided on an afternoon bath. Wrong decision of the day.

And the fact that the decision was wrong, I understood the moment i hit the showers. The feeling of the moment was that I was under a hot water spring. Blame me, no one else. Who will take a shower at 3.30 in the afternoon on a hot day like this, when all the water in the overhead tank above , is at its boiling point. Thanks to a certain Mr. Sun.

Somebody should come up with a water cooler for bathrooms, just like those geysers. Would have been very helpful on days like this. What say guys???



  1. Ha Ha! May be you could have used ice cubes and chilled water from your refrigerator.

  2. Alternative solution, yeah... Ain't mine an innovative idea? :)