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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Good Bye

Summers were terrible this time. Not even a drop of rain did hit the earth .But today, it rained. It rained so hard that everyone wished for a safe haven to hide. He always loved the rains. And he did wish that it rained one day. But today he despised the rains. For today,he was leaving. 

Leaving for a place far away.Leaving the place he loved a lot. Leaving behind memories that made up his dreams. Leaving his source of existence. And leaving behind her.

She was the best thing that had happened  to him ever. Never did he thought that he would have to leave her. But today, he was leaving. Leaving her behind to embrace a new future. And running off to a far away land to be gulped by the unknown future.

He wanted to see her one last time. But, he wasn't sure whether she would come. For, he himself had asked her not to. He thought goodbyes were hard. He thought leaving without seeing her face would be easy. But now, he just wished for one last glimpse of her. 

The rains were lashing out harder than ever. He felt it was a pathetic fallacy. If everything was on schedule, he would be leaving within some time. The rains made it impossible for him to go out and see her for a last time. "Stupid rain"!!he cursed.

"Why blame the rains"?? a familiar voice asked."It was your wish, your choice".

He stood there speechless. She had come. For one last time.

"I will never forget you" she hugged him." I wanted to see you for the last time."

He wanted to say many things. He wanted to cry out loud. He wanted to ask her never to leave him. But he couldn't.

"Goodbye baby" she said.

She turned around and walked away. And he stood there still. Then he understood what he had just let go. And then for the first time he understood the actual pain of saying a goodbye.

She was walking away. The blue umbrella, her black dress, and her long hair flying about in the wind- He knew that will be the only memory of that place, that he is ever going to have.

A memory called her...


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