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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bangalore Blues!!!

I am having Bangalore Blues. I miss Bangalore a lot. I miss my friends there. I miss the city. I miss the life. I miss those Purple Hazed nights. And I miss those Long Island Ice Teas.

Missing Bangalore, one reason why I restarted my blog again. Re-channel your emotions. It's your blog. Be as creative and as destructive as you want to. Thank you technology for your small small mercies.

Maybe I will write and write unto death!!!

Hope I get out of this blue phase soon.

Let's see..


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Of Forks,Spoons,and of Course Knives

I had my schooling throughout in a convent. So manners and rules were kind of hard and fast there. At lunchtime we were supposed to keep our tiffins upon  a cloth napkin and eat our  food with a spoon. It was a good thing actually. We learned to use cutlery perfectly and in the manner any convent educated kid should  know.

Ah well, the story changed when I reached college. Gone were the days of spoons and forks. Eat what you get and that too from no matter whose plate was the motto. Cutlery usage was reserved for only those special formal occasions.

And time passed on.
And I got married.

I got married from a "normal" family into an "army" family. My FIL is a retd colonel and my husband is a serving officer. So mostly everything in the house revolved around army customs and systems. Especially the dining part.

Dinner and lunch are an elaborate event at my husband's home. There is setting the table, placing the plates, then the quarter plate, then the fork, spoon, knives and  so on.It took a while for me to get the hang of eating like you do at a restaurant at your home, but then slowly I got used to it.

Eating rice with fork and spoon was okay. But having idlis and dosas with knife and fork,,well not my thing it was.And there were many mishappenings that ensured.

I still remember the time that I was asked to eat a samosa with a fork , after about 15 minutes of unsuccessfully trying to eat it, i finally decided to use my god given hands for the purpose. My in laws were horrified, but I guess mine was a better choice rather than having to spill the samosas on the floor. I would have fared better,if they had given me a knife along with the fork.. :)

And now, I have a kid who is one and a half years old. Like all kids, she too is a messy messy eater.But the best part is that she tries to feed herself nowadays. And for that she insists on giving her a spoon.. Nothing gets into the spoon and her mouth, and she feeds the floor eventually.. But still,she needs a spoon. for everything.

Going the army way I guess.. :)


Big Fat Weddings

I don't really understand this concept of the big fat weddings. Invite people enough to fill up a football stadium, get decked up in gold and jewelry more than you can carry, and marry in front of a huge crowd of strangers.

Why can't people just get married in private and leave the others alone?

A post which arose out of the frustration that I have to attend a bunch of weddings of people whom I don't know, and all just because of family commitments..

Maybe the big fat weddings are also a family thing. Just like mine was. I am a bloody hypocrite!!!


Colors of the Past

The past is really a happy place to live in. We do not usually remember the mishappenings of the past, but choose to delve in the happy memories. Maybe that  is only one way out for some,who are living in a present of gray hues and fear to look into the future which holds uncertain hopes.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dress Debacles

I had bought a dress almost 9  months back for my nephew's birthday. But after buying it i felt it was too casual for a function. So it has been stuck in my closet ever since. I had kind of forgotten about the gown until yesterday, when I was packing my dresses.

So now today , I am wearing this gown for a car travel of 5 hours. I am a jeans and top kind of a person for journeys and this is kind of inappropriate and out of my usual liking, as it is long and all. But, still thought will give it a try..

Am too lazy to get up and take a pic of the dress..

Will see how it fares.. :)


Friday, April 26, 2013

A Good Bye

Summers were terrible this time. Not even a drop of rain did hit the earth .But today, it rained. It rained so hard that everyone wished for a safe haven to hide. He always loved the rains. And he did wish that it rained one day. But today he despised the rains. For today,he was leaving. 

Leaving for a place far away.Leaving the place he loved a lot. Leaving behind memories that made up his dreams. Leaving his source of existence. And leaving behind her.

She was the best thing that had happened  to him ever. Never did he thought that he would have to leave her. But today, he was leaving. Leaving her behind to embrace a new future. And running off to a far away land to be gulped by the unknown future.

He wanted to see her one last time. But, he wasn't sure whether she would come. For, he himself had asked her not to. He thought goodbyes were hard. He thought leaving without seeing her face would be easy. But now, he just wished for one last glimpse of her. 

The rains were lashing out harder than ever. He felt it was a pathetic fallacy. If everything was on schedule, he would be leaving within some time. The rains made it impossible for him to go out and see her for a last time. "Stupid rain"!!he cursed.

"Why blame the rains"?? a familiar voice asked."It was your wish, your choice".

He stood there speechless. She had come. For one last time.

"I will never forget you" she hugged him." I wanted to see you for the last time."

He wanted to say many things. He wanted to cry out loud. He wanted to ask her never to leave him. But he couldn't.

"Goodbye baby" she said.

She turned around and walked away. And he stood there still. Then he understood what he had just let go. And then for the first time he understood the actual pain of saying a goodbye.

She was walking away. The blue umbrella, her black dress, and her long hair flying about in the wind- He knew that will be the only memory of that place, that he is ever going to have.

A memory called her...


Truth hurts.. Realities suck.. The worst part is when you know that it is a reality and you can't change the facts come what may!!!

What to do.. Life is so..
Gotta adjust..
I guess...


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sketches again

I used to sketch regularly, nothing great, just plain normal. And I used to upload them to my blog regularly too. I sketched some last year which I dug out now. Uploading them,so they remain in record.

There were some more ..Dont know where I left them


Monday, April 15, 2013


I had this poetry phase going in with me.. And most of the outcomes were dark and depressing. But maybe, with some truth in it.

I guess it was a phase. Because I don't feel anything so now.And I am back to writing happy and small musings of my life.

Guess it was a phase. Glad that I evolved!!!

And thanks to you all who helped me in it, knowingly or unknowingly.

Jim Morrison, that definitely includes you!!!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hot Hot Hot

Summers are horrible this time. So horrible. That many of us are victims to this unwanted fury of nature.

Take  me for instance.Being a Sunday, I thought that I will pamper myself and have a long and refreshing bath. Got up late , decided on an afternoon bath. Wrong decision of the day.

And the fact that the decision was wrong, I understood the moment i hit the showers. The feeling of the moment was that I was under a hot water spring. Blame me, no one else. Who will take a shower at 3.30 in the afternoon on a hot day like this, when all the water in the overhead tank above , is at its boiling point. Thanks to a certain Mr. Sun.

Somebody should come up with a water cooler for bathrooms, just like those geysers. Would have been very helpful on days like this. What say guys???



Blog needs revamping..
Gotta write something intersting.
Have some many mixed up ideas in this mind of mine. But don't know where to start from. Stumped I am!!!

And its Vishu..

Happy Vishu guys, wishing you all a prosperous year ahead!!!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fashion Blog

Thinking of starting a fashion blog...

But don't know where to begin from..

Anybody have any ideas?

Sabbatical? Huh whats that?

My post and decision last day could not withstand the test of time. I am back to work. Actually went to work today itself. Had a talk with my boss and sorted all the problems.

Yesterdays feelings seem like drunken thoughts. Today I happily worked.

But, I have decided

To write more
To read more
And to have more me time

Buy the way, I made a bag yesterday. Not made, actually stitched, glued up and all.

A torn old bag
And an old cushion cover
Makes my bag..

Will upload pics smtime..

so long...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Sabbatical

My job is to write.. To correct others writing.. manage all the content.. and all so related activities. I have been writing for long. But all this while I writing was for others. Writing meaningless stuff. Nothing for me.

The drastic effects of this monotonous task is finally showing. Yesterday night I felt blank. Overwhelmed by the happenings at the work place, I became numb. I had projects to complete. Deadlines to meet. But don't know why I didn't do it. For the first time in my life, I completely skipped my work and have no plans of completing it.

I am drained. Emotionally and creatively.

And now I am on a sabbatical
Maybe I will quit.
I need some time for myself.

I like colors in my life. I don't like black and gray hues.
I want creativity. Mechanical actions and thoughts are not for me.
I want good music
I want to enjoy some books
I want to see some places
I want to write..for myself

All in all, I want time for myself...
And I am really hope I get some.

so long folks..


Friday, April 5, 2013

Meaningless notes

My day yesterday, ended with a pretty bad note..I found that the stupid bank of mine has looted a considerable amount of money in the name of some crappy maintenance charges, which was quite unacceptable and unexpected. The the IPL match didn't turn out to be as I expected. Well, what more to say, I went to sleep, only to wake up today to find that I was kind of happy. The reason?Unkown. Well. I am happy and I guess that counts.

I am off Facebook, Well it's kind of a sabbatical. As of the moment I find Facebook as a distraction. Don't know how long this will last.

I started hearing songs on 8tracks, the best internet radio ever. Heaven for a music freak like me.

I am hungry, Gotta have breakfast. Then login to work. Love this work from home thingy. But its just another week more..:(..then back to office.

Well....will see about it then. :)

ciao folks