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Monday, March 25, 2013

Thank you God for everything!!

Really..for what??

You are born by no mistake of yours, grow up in a world or rules and regulations, think you have an awesome family, but then when everything seems so rosy and fair,then tragedy strikes in a way or other.

There were plans to life
There was an aim
There was a destination.
Then strikes the tragedy!!!

You  were pretty
So happy with life and friends
Then tragedy strikes!!!

Its all a saga of tragedies...
And still
I have to believe
I have to be thankful..

I am not an atheist
I believe there is God

Bco'z no one human can play practical jokes this cruel
For that you really need to be a supernatural.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Human beings are two faced..Ain't they?
Some don the act to hide the pain..
Some do it to run away from the truth
And some others they just do it to hurt other

One time or other in our life, we all do the double act..don't we?
And what if we have to live with it throughout our life..
Just pathetic, I say.