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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Exam Aftermath Crisis..

Holidays are supposed to be a period of relaxation and enjoyment.....well, almost for everyone...

But the case needn't be so if you have just given your 12th boards and with it the inevitable tag along "the entrance exams".

My niece who has just given her boards is my inspiration for this post. Poor soul wanted to have a blast, back home after a grueling 2 years of preparations..But the reality is that what she is experiencing is far from even enjoying a bit..

There are occasional blasts of course... which happens with the arrival of each result...

Has she scored good? Of course, she has...Then what is the problem u may ask??

The problem lies in the fact that some people score better than her...."She scored 3 percent higher than us this possible????"

Or maybe her score was not such that it didn't place her in the topper's list..

well the drama will continue, for a bit more time I guess..

Well this scenario is nothing new and I feel I am just seeing a rerun of something which happened some years back....the only change being I was on the receiving side...Thank goodness, I got admission in a merit seat, without spending a single penny extra than the top rank holders, that I was able to save my soul...

But what is the point I may ask....I graduated in biochemical engg....

40 percent of my class works in the software field...
The other 40 percent works in the banks...

10 percent of the population in my class, make use of what they studied...and work in the related field..

The rest of the 10 percent are either full time home makers or doing completely non- related jobs.

Me, I am one of the last 10 percent , and is working as an editor...If I had foresight , I would have taken up some other stream...

What is the point in getting a degree in one and working in a completely different field...Education is sure necessary..but is being a doc or an engineer the be all and end all of everything?

Everybody may not have this attitude, but a majority of the population definitely has..

2 years of my 11th and 12th standard were filled with tuitions and entrance preparations...Well but my coleg days were the amazing ever..:):)

They say..its sweet 16 and sweet 17....

But I say,

its sour 16,
sourer 17
"ahhh!! what a relief 18"...:)

Hope my niece will be able 2 say.."ahhh!! what a relief"..when she turns 18..:)....

Until for 4 more years, when the job placement starts..:):)

Life sure is tough for young people..:)



  1. we as a society have failed to give the feedback on practical side of the life to younger generation... there are dogmas and they will remain unless those who have gone thru all this tell our kids that life is more than that 'race for the merit list'

  2. I remember it all.. :\

    Entrance Exams + Schooling sucks big time..

  3. nothing is good or a bad field... its just peer pressure... and parents should not pressurize kids to study....

  4. I am a man who have gone through a lot of pressure on entrance coaching centers and ended upon not writing any entrance exams.;)..I was weird and was not matured enough to take a decision at that time..Your post reminded me about it. Today, I am a man who is jumping around from one field to another and it might look a little weird. From all that I've learned, I could say one thing. Nothing is unachievable, but some achievements could have been a little easier if you have some interest in it. Nicely written...Keep up the good work..You are a real thought provoker!!:)