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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why should I??????

Why should I care??
Why should I love??
Why should I wait..n lose my sleep over you???

Please temme....Why should I do all these..when you never ever dont!!!!!!!!!

- thoughts of a disgruntled ,frustrated and a very angry soul


  1. oops, it seems that you are really angry on someone and you also luv and care abt him/her.
    Hope your anger is gone when you r reading this.

  2. hey calm down... everything will be alrite.... u do it for 1 simple reason and that is 'love'!!

  3. well and who is that soul angry on which soul?and o dear!

  4. this post is the result of an adrenaline rush I had by drinking what i thought was some harmless cups of green tea..:)

  5. I hope these harmless cups don't continue in the future :)