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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Conversation....

Relative 1: hey long time, how r u?
me: fine aunty,how r u?

R1:so where r u now?howz every1 @ home?
me:good..m at so n so place..

R1:so,you work now?

R1:really,I thought you were not working.
me: smiles(in my mind,then y did u ask)

R1:so where do u work?
me:I work for a web portal

R1:huh?what is that?
me:I work as a content developer for a company

R1:huh?u r an engineer rite?
me:yea..but i m not working as one...

R1:oh,so u didn't get any placements?
me:no..i m working as a writer..something different from what I am trained for...

R1:yea...OK,OK...but you should have worked as an engineer...
me:I don't want to,I love my job..I love to write...

R1:they pay you for simply writing?

me:noo ..they do pay me for "SIMPLY WRITING?"

R1:hmm..ok..cant fight with fate...not everybody can get a good job..look at you poor thing..what all hopes we had,,one day we all thought you would become a BIG engineer...

me:and do what???build bridges n dams???

R1:noooo,y should engineers do that?contractors do that....We dreamed that you would become a big software engineer

me:I never studied to become a software stream was completely different...,you didnt do engineering?n your mother told you were?

Me:I did do engineering......but my stream was Biochemical Engineering...

R1:huh...ok..but still you could have worked as an engineer for a good company...

Me:I work for a good company... are not an simply write stuff right?something like a private secretary??

me:Wht???huh???what are you....Oh,pleasee...(in my mind,where did this private secretary come from?)

R1:what all you could have been..a DOCTOR ,an ENGINEER....

anyways,nice to see you....but I tell you,writing and all... seriously....I don't know...

me:aunty,,if you don't know..then y comment??

R1:ah were always like this...never did listen to anyone..anyways I gotta go now...

me:Ohk..byeee( thank GOD)

End Of Conversation!!!!!

Notes to self:

Never jump in front of these relatives....Never try to explain things to them....

Why to complicate stuff????
Let Ignoramuses be ignoramuses....:D



  1. ha ha..nicely put.Does in any case her children are Engnrs/Doctors? These half educated relatives think S/W Engineer is the one and only profession on Earth!!

  2. Hehe. I am familiar with this. People draw blank stares when I try to explain why I don't work in Java or .net even though I work in an IT company.

  3. Haha Thats perfectly put! Hilarious.Auntiessssssss!!! I hate them to the core! I even wrote about them long back.

  4. very true yaar! many think the being a software engineer is everythn..

  5. @ Nive:no,but i guess she was playing the "since,advices are free,why not I give some out" game..:)

  6. @ narayan: join the club friend..:)

  7. @ aditya:i know,there are people who just can't get a good nights sleep without giving out some "gyaan"

  8. @ divya: should know better..:)

  9. he he he....u knw these are the relatives who have many problems with our comfort and comfort from our problems...and by the way hope eng and doc are not only 2 quality profession on this the way u do work...which is the least we can be true to this profession...wat say...

  10. I should also write something similar. But here the context is different. My relatives keeps asking me why I am not going anywhere outside India (read gulf gulf) ? So gave up on explaining and now I skip marriages and functions ;-)

  11. So what if you can't chose your relatives, at least you can chose your friends.

  12. @niraj:i am happy.that i m doing something which i enjoy cribbing and complaining..:)

  13. @ nibin:so i see noone is spared...thee should b a rule against these nosey gyaan giving relatives...

  14. @purba: yea..should thank God for small mercies like that..:)

  15. ha ha..
    liked the conversation very much.. :D

    New to your blog.. jumped here from Mr. Lemon's blog..

    Nice blog you have.. :)

    Will be back for more.. :)

  16. @ arpit: Thanks..n welcom 2 my blog..:)

  17. Hee!hee! Girl, that's audacious!

    Aren't you glad you are not near them for long? ;)

    Love the spirit.. don't u change! :)

  18. @ joe:i kno..imagine being wid thm thruout..

  19. lolz :D
    thats relatives & their so called care :P

  20. @ can sometimes be a big comedy...:)..welcom 2 my blog..:)

  21. @ satish:i cud very well do without them..:)