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Sunday, October 3, 2010

the past 3 months....n now!!!

My dear people of blogger ville....I faced the knife last week..and came out, well..a bit hurt but for a better cause...

That was a purely literary statement with no hidden implications...

Speaking normally,I had to undergo a surgery last week...n by the grace of God i m recovering at a very fast rate,than expected by anybody...especially yours truly..:)...

Thanks to my doctor too..:)..shes really an angel sent from heaven above..

N now i am forced to have a month's,I am not complaining or whining..yes..i have matured and become sensible..:D

When I came to my native 3 months back,me and everyone around me had a very different set of intentions in mind..And now,the tables have turned completely..and I am going back next month ,not acheiving what I intended to, but richer ,fulfilled and more happier than i was..

Yes,I know I am talking in bits and pieces and maybe it doesn't make any sense.But the above said incidents are a summary of my life in the past 3 months..which was scarier than the scariest roller coaster ride I have ever gone through...

n uncertainty was the only constant which prevailed and haunted me like those dementors from harry potter,feeding on my happiness and pushing me into the gravest and deepest pits of sorrow and depression...

n the saying was proved again and again...

Man proposes..God disposes...

Yes,God does dispose...but for a higher cause,the disposal is actually a better proposal put in front of us..but again His ways are quite mysterious and unfathomable by the mere human mind...

And all one requires is to see that silver lining on the edge of the dark cloud which looms above your head..I am happy,because I finally succeeded in finding out that silver lining...

I know I am talking proverbs,sayings and nonsensical stuff..but hey..when one is happy,which I am after a long time..:)..there can't be any complaints..

I was meaning to write about my surgery and look what all I have written... is back in track almost..will be fully in track in another 2 months when I go back home and see my better half again...

I got a nice family,a job I love...n I am happy...

I is good again...:)

cheers everyone...



  1. Good to see your writing in happy mood. Dont worry God has planned something better for you. Have faith, take care and get well soon dear :)

  2. Hey., take care and get well soon.

  3. ... good to know that u r recovering well and fast... and atleast in my case whenever i start to write my next post after laung time, what i end-up writing is usually different what i intended intially... :-)

    take care and keep posting

  4. 3 cheers dear chitz.
    life is like that. it's good that u re happy with it and dats how u, i and evry1 of us have to be.
    wishing u a speedy recovery.
    best wishes

  5. out of professional curiosity ( being a regular operation theatre-goer myself.. anaesthetist :) ), what was the surgery..

  6. @nive @vijay @atul @sans:thank you all for the wishes

  7. @pythoroshan:m sorry bt cant say tht..:)..rather dont want to..

    n anesthetist ha...i 'll always remember that doc who gave me the spinal..:O

  8. hi chitz get well soon.

  9. not a problem.. just asked.
    take care... you've weathered the harsh winters... summer is afoot :)

  10. Happy to see you back in blogging & commenting :)
    Life sure is mysterious ,anyways my new post has similar philosophies like in ur post :)

  11. @satish:"ll definitely read ur new post..:)