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Thursday, September 16, 2010


bad things been happening all around me left,right and center.....either dis or that..

life is giving me so many lemons that i can make pitchers full of lemonades to last for a long time...

n i decided to make those lemonades..:)

First i thought it was an unlucky hat causing all this..even though it was a beautiful one,its shredded and torn to pieces and disposed off now..

Then i thought it was an unlucky ring...couldn't throw away that ring bcoz it cost me some heavy bucks..have deposited it safely somewhere...

mom claims it to be due to the wrong alignment of stars as said by some bejan daruwala

i have had a very memorable one n a half months which is by not any means worth remembering...

i was sulking throughout that my sister said that it will turn out to be my permanent expression

Whatever i ,have left sulking now...
i have moved on...
I have accepted the facts..

n to summarize it I have stopped thinking...:)

n finally i am back to normal and happy..

till the next normal post guys...



  1. wish u will be cool , carm and normal very soon, life takes a lot of tests and we need to pass them well .
    Be cheerful.

  2. waiting for that normal post to happen soon :)