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Monday, August 30, 2010

Good bye Achu...

My doggy achu died today...:(:(:(

m so sad...

i thought i wud have 2 never see dis coz i live away most of the time..

But he chose to say goodbye lying in my hands...

guess that is the better way thn jus a phon call conveying the news

we all will miss u

we all love you achu..u r the best one ever.....

goodbye achu....



  1. AM very sorry for ur loss :(
    i too have a pomeranian & can understand how it feels :(

  2. something similar happen to a girl whom i knew from past two month. She lost her doggy.the dog was a part of their family from last ten years. Her family was vary sad on passing away of their dog. It was a gr8 lost for them.

    By the way u r tagged by me. Hope u will accept the tagging and write a similar post on ur blog. For details visit my blog.

  3. a part of solace is that it was yu who held him in the last adieu!!!

  4. @ satish @vijay @hary:nothing can ever replace him..but i m sure he will b happy wherever he is..:)

  5. I can absolutely relate to this loss...I got the news, about my Dino; on the phone when I was in office... till date I wish I were with him during those last moments...
    atleast you were able to say Good-Bye to him.

    Take Care girl...!!

  6. i 'm thankful to God i got to say good bye to him..:)..hope ur Dino n my Achu are all in the same happy place up above..:)