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Monday, August 23, 2010

A bedtime story

My sis doesn't sleep in her room nowadays.Reason : she is pretty sure that some one is following her and switching on the lights in her room in the middle of the nights.She claims that the paranormal activity might be due 2 a handsome vampire stalking her.Me thinks that it is a twilight overdose and that Edward guy has gotten in2 her head.

Whatever,handsome vampire or not...she has shifted to my room as of now.I don't have any problem with that..but its the excess baggage she brings along which creates a problem.Along with her,comes her soulmates ie 6 pillows.Even if you want to be surrounded by pillows,there can be a maximum of 4.But no,my sister needs 6 pillows.And so in my bed 2 people of medium stature and 9 pillows(yes,the rest 3 are mine:)) sleep now..

Adjustable,I can say...but the problem occurs when my father leaves for work.His work allows him to come home only twice a month.That leaves mom alone for the rest of the time.The stories said by my sis has activated the fear factor in my mom,that she refuses to sleep alone now.And so finally,its 2 medium bulit and 1 well built person along with 12 pillows sleeping on my bed.

Noone is ready to sacrifice their pillows.And thus we all sleep along with our extended family of 12 pillow crazy family u might say...

As for my sister's vampire stalker,guess he didnt know she shifted rooms..n i pray he never knows...:D



  1. ha ha....
    Fear of vampire.
    Why you don't convince ur sis thats their is no vampire exactly exists.
    By the way wid time she will overcome this fear.

  2. @vijay:i too hope she does..personally i think its her plan to beat the heat and sleep in the cooler bedroom..:P

  3. were is the Like button... :-) Really like ur way of narrating small incidents in a nice way :-)

  4. ... if she can leave some pillows in her room and fool the Vampire in believing that she is sleeping in her bed...u can get rid of *some* pillows! :p

  5. 12 pillows rounds about a bed size :D
    the twilight bug has hit ur place eh :)

    hope no more vampires stalk anyone else at ur place :)
    cheers !!!

  6. hey very funny post, well narrated. If this incident was in winter, you would have enjoyed more

  7. @atul:but as i said,she can't sleep without the 6 of them..:D

  8. I am a pillow lover too.. well actually a cushion lover... my bed (when it is properly maid) has 2 pillows and 6 cushions.. my mom's bed has 2 pillows and 5 cushions.. I don't know where did I get that extra one from...

  9. hehe.. good one.. though how on earth 3 ppl and 12 pillows fit in a bed is beyond me !!!

  10. Hi chitz you have been tagged check here

  11. hey first time here interesting read :)

  12. @Dr.Roshan:where there is a will..there is definitely a way..:)