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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A train journey......

The train had half an hour halt at that station...I was trying to read one of those paulo cohelo books..I am not his big fan,since its very difficult for me to understand what he means by saying things in a very complicated manner which could have been said in a much more simpler way...since the book was a gift,and moreover i didn't have anything else to give me company during the rest of the journey(since my co-passenger had asked me to stop my constant chattering and sit in a corner silently and on top of that he was using my i-pod;how arrogant can you get???,and since i have been fed up of observing and counting the rail tracks and their merging and separating patterns ;and since my eyes couldn't take any more of the natural beauty outside) I was stuck up with the book...

suddenly I saw my co-passenger rush out with a bag of half eaten banana fries ,a packet of biscuit and biriyani which yours truly had ordered and hadn't eaten since I lost my hunger after I saw the biriyani.At this point I have to tell you people my co-passenger is none other than my very own and one and only husband.And so his sudden exit like this naturally arose questions in my ever questioning mind.Peeping out of the window was the only option I had since I didn't want my husband to think I was observing him,after he had asked me to stop chattering and sit in a corner..:)...

And then I saw him on the railway tracks..It was an old man,dressed in rags..He was searching for something in the waste lying around and was licking the papers and eating scraps of food thrown out into the tracks...condition-worse than pathetic..

I wasted my lunch,and here is one person searching for food in the trash..

And then I saw my husband..He came up to that old man,talked something to him and gave him the food he had in his hands..The look in the old man's face once he saw the food was not one which can be forgotten..

The train started moving and my husband came in.I returned to my normal position as if nothing had happened..

after sometime

he:"dont you wana know where I went"?
me:smiles..(in my heart.".he talked first..:)...i won")....."i know,i saw.....u r a very nice person,love you!!!"
he:smiles..."love you too"..

Its a good thing to have such people in your life who helps you in being human...

And for me,it was just a small reality check given by GOD to make me realize how blessed i truly am....

Like somebody had said, you can be a successful businessman,a good engineer,a scholar and so on..but what is the use if you are all these and not a good human being??



  1. Lots of since usage is there in the story

  2. @ shyam:first:welcom 2 my blog..
    second:the "sinces" were deliberate and necessary and not a mistake
    third:it ain't a story..:)

  3. yr husband rocks!!!! bless him :)! and lucky yu are!keep the nice thing going

  4. hey nice post! great to meet some nice people arnd :) am glad i started following ur blog since some time. looking forward to more such posts.

  5. nice little post...good to see u back to the blogging world

  6. Like they say, "surround yourself with happy and good people if you want to be happy"
    You are blessed.

  7. Touchwood :)
    Live long & prosper :)

  8. hey really learning incident and an eye opener for many one. And u r really blessed tht u hav got a husband who luvs and cares abt u. And most imprtnt tht he belives in humanity.

  9. @anu:thankx for the following..n i am amazed by the number of blogs u maintain..:)

  10. "Being human" I liked the ultimate idea of the post!
    Keep writing

  11. very true Chitz...

    Glad to know that you have such a nice person in your life..

    God bless u honey..

  12. nice post yaar...nowadays it is really difficult to find people like ur i am a frequent traveller in train and i have seen many throw n waste food..this is really an eye opener for everyone..!!

  13. lovely post ma'am :)
    There is something in the way a lady writes... I have tried writing Love stories and though I would like to feel I am pretty good at it, somehow my writing seems kinda unpure in front of yours :)

  14. I just stumbled on ur blog by random search of blogs and found that u write really well and have the tact to keep reader involved... I didn't thought of posting a comment and was just browsing through some of ur post and then read this... it's really well written and in a way thought provoking "Yes we truly are blessed" May there are more ppl like u and ur husband :)
    God Bless You guys