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Friday, July 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home....

I have been traveling throughout for the past 3 years..Stayed many places,met many people...But the feeling of comfort and coziness of my home was missing everywhere...Maybe it is because you are born and brought up at once place that there are so many memories associated with the place that the emotions fail to leave you....Sometimes caught up in the mad run called life we tend to forget about all these and just move on mechanically ..But then comes those moments when you are alone and then all these memories come rushing back to you with a tender touch....

Maybe I am stretching out a little..All I wanted to say is that "There is no place like home and no food like mom's food"...

This is an universal truth...i feel...(statement open to debate..:))

And I am lucky enough to come back and enjoy those precious moments @ my home..I jus relocated again...This time to my home though..:)...Its just a matter of months before I leave again...And all this relocation,shifting and a new job on the way has made me quite busy,leaving me almost null time with my blog....But will update whenever possible..

Until the next post...

Keep reading,keep writing...



  1. mum;s food!!! tht sounds like a distant possiblity :(

  2. I miss my home too.....and yaa food cooked by mom,i am really missing it. first time so far from home , working in an unknown town....I can feel what r u feeling moving to your home town.

  3. "There is no place like home"
    i concur ,no debate on that :)
    hope to see you on regular bloggin soon :)

  4. its a universal truth...!! no one can deny it :)
    would be waiting for your posts..

  5. totally agree.. No matter wherever you go and whatever you eat.. nothing defies that universal truth

  6. hmmm...this time the stay will be different..enjoy it to the fullest dear ;)

  7. Ah... there's nothing like home cooked food.. sigh.. :)
    Really love your writing :)

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