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Thursday, June 3, 2010

a small tale...

Disclaimer:the below mentioned is not a universal truth by any chance..

a boy and a girl marries..marriage fixed and arranged by the parents since the boy and girl are of "MARRIAGEABLE AGE" and nice proposals wont come if they r gone past that milestone age...

3 months down the marriage
any good news??

6 months down the marriage
any good news??

an year later??
still no good news??..thts bad...

parents to kids...

what is your problem?
do you guys need to see a doc??
after all the puja n everything we did..
how can dis happen...

girl and boy to parents:

we aren't ready for a child..

what do you mean?god..what will i answer will i face my friends now?guess i am not lucky enough to see a grandchild..

intervening public to girl and boy:

no good news till now?anything wrong with you people?you guys should see a doc...atleast think of your parents...

girl and boy to intervening public:

just smiles..we haven't thought of it yet.

a more open girl and boy to the intervening public:

None of your business..:)

Here the important problems as per the parents here are:
they are answerable to the public,as if it was obvious that it was the public who gathered money for the marriage to happen..
everyone of my friends has a grand child ,n my son/daughter has obviously lost the rat race which is a heinous crime...

The important problems as per the intervening public are

The intervening public obviously do not have any other job!!!!
the actual problems overlooked:
r the couple ready in all the ways for a baby??
do they want a baby of their own now??

persuasion and emotional blackmailing follows to the core...

finally the baby comes...

th baby arrives..everyone is happy...

girl going for work after a month..

everything going smooth...almost...

again a month passes...

MIL/MOM whoever is in charge of the baby to the girl...

u leave for office daily n come back in the evening late..i have to look after the baby for all this time..i am not getting any younger at all..

girl:but i cant get out early..they wont pay me for nothing...and we now have added financial responsibilities with the baby..

MOM/MIL: so who am I? maid???

a maid/aayah arrives soon to take care of the baby..

grandparents to everyone else:

they don't trust us..otherwise why should they keep the maid when we are here??ha,after all we have done for them.....

Intervening public to grandparents:
yeah..too bad..if they knew they would have these problems,y did they go for a baby?too bad..

Believe me,this happens!!!

even though there are many variations and happy endings,this too does happen....

its a weird world right???




  1. Very true yaar...this or a slight variation of the same happens in every house nowadays..he he :)

  2. he he he...its a harsh reality of life...infact...u know interving publc are the person who have more problem when babys are not there and when they come..they are not taken care of...they are just like person who are there for times pass as they don;t have any constructive to do things..

  3. ... can't wipe off that smile on my face! ... one good thing about ur blog is that i get to read ur POV on day-to-day activities...

  4. Harsh realilties yaar ..
    I dunno when will parents learn to respect the feelings of their children rather than worry about what others need to say :(

  5. Enjoyed reading!It's ghar ghar ki kahani!Will visit ur space mor eoften!!

  6. @divya:yup..variations r of course there..

  7. @niraj:intervening public r without doubt always the no gooders...

  8. @sans @my cooking experiments: yea..har ghar ki kahani bhi..:)

  9. true.. very true. see so many cases like this.. honestly feel pity for the wife.. eventually, she is the sacrificial lamb... having to give up her profession to be the "ideal mom" like the generation above her expects of her...