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Sunday, May 23, 2010

And They Ran Away......

i got a phone call yesterday was my maid's husband..inquiring whether she was there..i told him she wasn't and end of conversation..

today morning my maid came

me:ur hus had called up yesterday..where were u?
maid:i had a fight him..
maid:so i temporarily ran away...
maid:yea ..ran away for sometime(in her dialect:mei thodi der keliye bhaag gayi thi)
me:thodi der keliye?(for some time)

me confused and dumbstruck..n she goes on with her daily chores...

thinking about it later,this is the 2nd instance in a month where i came across someone running away because they had a quarrel with their spouse..

if running is a solution to quarrels,we would see lots of marathon runners n joggers around us always...

some runners run away and fade into the oblivion...
n some runners are followed by other runners who should run faster than the former to bring them back..
n then there are some runners like my maid..who run away for sometime...and when they get bored they go back..

if u run run away..why take the pains of coming back and undoing all your running..why trouble others to run after you??

n for me,if i had ever started running,in 2 years of my married life,don't know how many kilometers i would have covered by now...:D...



  1. he he he...just imagines about the best of the athletes....

  2. @niraj:yea..the should give away prizes..btw..u commented even b4 i could modify..:)

  3. ... mebbe i shld start practising!... who knows when this skill will come handy!... :D

  4. you didnt run away still :D
    thats something good to hear :)

  5. lols..running away 'temporarily'..sounds funny! it indicates that she cant live without him n her hubby calling u indicates that he cant live without her. (appears n sounds like dat). gud..hope dey r reunited now.