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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is wrong???

The kiss was missing..
The scenes jumped just like that..
We had to assume they kissed/or not kissed and connect the unseen dots...

End result:The beauty of the movie and that scene was spoiled...

I still don't understand why even a simple kissing scene is considered offensive in TV nowadays?
What can go wrong by watching a simple kiss?

Enough exposure to the harsh truths and realities of life is provided by news channels and newspapers..

Aren't the movies been given a hard time by the censor board?Y cant the ministry of I&B show a little mercy towards our good old television shows?

The subtitles given for English movies sometimes turn out to be hilarious when they try not to subtitle "offensive language " and substitute it with "diplomatic words"..

Turn on the new channels on a day when the parliament is in session and is there a dearth of words and mannerisms we can miss??

So why the hide and seek in such a trivial matter?

after all it is no secret..people kiss each other..and who dosen't know it??

If so,i wonder what all advertisements would be banned from TV???

Are the Indian audience considered that a immature lot??

And finally there will come a day in the history of Indian TV that ratings such as PG,U/A,A are all gone and every program will be reduced to the status of G...GENERAL VIEWING FOR ALL..

Welcome a non-biased for all ages , exclusive general viewing programmed, UN-REAL TV ERA folks..

And that too very soon i guess.:)



  1. Well, i'm sure, there will be a day... when kissing won't be a big deal on Indian television.... But that day is too far i guess...
    ftv just got banned for showing some open-back women i guess.. i still don't understand what was so big about that,, itna ki channel hi ban kar do....
    btw, this is my first visit and comment on ur blog... liked it.. :)

  2. Ha ha , reminds me of a Travolta movie (Grease) that I saw on the Telly recently.
    Every time some one put a cigarette on the lips the ciggi was blurred out.
    What I find is that its going from bad to worse (the censures)

  3. Haaaaaaaa... You know, it'll never change.. atleast till the time there are groups like Shiv Sena... :|

  4. chitz...
    We are still living in a country where shiv sena & MNS can spread a riot over V'tine day celebrations!!
    Miles to go before u can see those kisses on TV... :)

  5. i agree wid chanz....:)..nt nytime in the near future...

    @sanju:i the rules r more rigid nowadays..i have seen the uncut version on TV lst yr or so..there was nothin much to cut out though..:)

  6. @ kedar:possible tht their reason for bannin was a bare smwhr tht sm "political paeties" wanted to cover up kareena's back in the kurbaan poster..:)

  7. @haddock: its true..the rules nowadays seriously make no sense..whts the use in blurring a cigar??

  8. I think it's not possible in India Where their are a lot of Hypocrite Politicians.

  9. I totally agree with ur comments abt english film subtitles.they r jst hilarious at times..

  10. I guess the censor board doesn't want the next gen to be "not-so-excellent" kissers..may b cos of dat..

  11. ha ha ha...lets see..i am not hopeful although..!

  12. lolz.....
    those were some hilarious comparisons yaar ,dunno how people could find only certain films to censor...

    NEWS CHANNELS need more censorship then films these days :D

  13. In foreign countries, kissing is not a big issue but, here in India, it can be a great issue. Even if it is in the movies or in the real life! It just proves one thing, we like to hide the reality!