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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A read so good....

It was a powerful read...and i dont have the strength for a serious read for the time being...

I didn't know much about Afghanistan until I read Khaled Hosseini's books "a thousand splendid suns"...and "the kite runner"..

Until then to me Afghan was a poverty stricken land ,land of osama, at war wid the US...least did i know about its rich heritage and culture,its famous scholars and poets,the very well learned women,true Islam and its preachings and last but not the least the people who owned a proud culture and most of them who are now reduced to nothing but refugees in their own land.....

Many incidents like the blowing up of the centuries old BUDDHA statue,imposing the taliban rules in the name of religion,and public slaughtering in the name of GOD and many such incidents which were read and forgotten just like that kept coming back like an instant replay....

Its heart rendering and thought provoking..The story unfolding through various people and incidents in the books...their sufferings and their yearning for a glimpse of their past life of joy.. the Afghan that was and the Afghan that is...and relationships,its value and its change with time....

This is not a book review or author appraisal or anything..Its just that the book was so powerful an emotional experience ,that i had to let it out of me..

And finally at the end of all the emotional turmoil ,I felt so drained out that whatever I have read till now didn't hold any comparison..

I read a lot of stuff..Some good,some ok,some pure garbage..I sometimes feel on reading the third category of books i have mentioned ,that mayb even i can write a book..provided i can find a publisher..

These are 2 of the best books i have ever read..and I know it will take a lot of time for me to come out of the Hosseni effect now..

and much more to forget Hassan,Amir,Mariam or Laila.......


  1. ... i guess i am tempted to get a copy of Hossini's book... mebbe on my next trip to Crossword...

  2. me too... presently, the heritage and the wealth of the turks is what is leaving me breathless... I am reading "The great Moghuls" these days..

  3. I think I should check out the book at Landmark.

  4. Yet i haven't read these books...but they are in my reading list...
    And if you are thinking of writing a book thats really gr8...These days a number of publisher publishing young genre..Contact them when are you just finished writing few chapters...
    Wish that your dream of writing book turn into reality very soon..

  5. Kite runner is an awesome book no doubt..! I was awestruck after reading it as well. Hats off to hosseini...!!

  6. I avoided writing about these books…so whenever I did, I dint go in depths.. cos I know that no matter how much I write it would still be less for what I felt and went through while reading these books.

    Your post made me believe that it was me writing my thoughts up there… I swear even I wouldn’t have explained it in such a nice way.

    These 2 are the benchmark for me now…though I am not an avid book reader but I have read a few…and these 2 tops the chart. I don’t even want to think about which one of these 2 I liked more cos I know that I won’t be able to answer that.

    It was altogether a different experience; I have seen myself crying while watching some movies but it was for the first time I cried while reading a book. I couldn’t stop when Hassan died and when Mariam did… and how helpless the characters of Amir and Laila were in respective stories.
    I even bought the CD of The Kite Runner…you would always be disappointed if you watch a movie based on the book that you read, but this one was nicely made.
    This is for the first time I visited your blog and couldn’t stop myself from writing this longgg comment.

    So, you know how emotionally attached I am to these books….when I see them being mentioned, I couldn’t stop but contribute :)
    And yeah…we do share a dream…so let me know if you find a publisher…you’ll find me following you :)

    Keep rocking gurl!!!


  7. @ atul:do buy it..u wnt repent ur decision..

  8. @chanz:yea..heard abt tht one as the most readable ones of last yr..sadly cudnt get a copy till now

  9. @vijay:the buk is amazing..n publising a book,well,,:)

  10. @ supriya:have u read his a thousand splendid suns?u r sure to like it..

  11. @ garima:thankx for sharin ur thoughs..even i cudnt go to the depths to xpress my feelings as words didnt suffice,coz for me the feel of the read was kinda unexplainable...

  12. Yep Kite runner is the best among the two (the movie too is well made but I found the book more gripping)
    If you liked this then I recommend "Blasphemy"

  13. I have just bought these books based on ur recommendations ,will fill u up about the feedback soon....

    keep blogging
    cheers !!!