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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The late rains.......

The dark clouds loomed largely in the sky.But he knew it wont rain.It has been the same story for the past many weeks.

The earth looked dry without the rain.

The earth ,just like him he thought,barren and dry;barren and dry without her.And she,she was like those dark clouds up in the sky,promising the earth the pleasure and joy of rain.A promise so near,so close,but never attainable.Always giving you hopes so high,but crushing them and breaking you down at the last moment.

And he, always like the earth,waiting desperately for the clouds to rain...waited for her

The ringing of the doorbell woke him up from his thoughts.

"Sorry,I know,I am late and I took a long time in deciding....but I am finally here"..

He couldn't believe that she was standing in front of him..More than that he couldn't believe what he had heard...

She was standing there smiling at him..

The feeling he had was unexplainable...His joy was out of bounds...

"Wont you ask me to come in?It may rain anytime now"..she said

He looked had already started raining....

He smiled at her....

Suddenly he realized that the best things in life are worth a long wait..

Because She had come finally..And so did the rain.....



  1. Lovely post yaar...
    Your comparisons were really good ,you are a good storyteller :)

    Why no posts for more than a week ????

    keep em comin
    cheers !!!

  2. Hey really sweet tale...ways words are use really expressed a lot..keep going..



  3. new posts frm ur side for a long time..

  4. @satish:i didnt feel the urge to wruite or rather didnt have ne idea to write for a week..tis one came all of a sudden..:)

  5. @niraj @haddock:thankx guys..:)

  6. nice post yaar...infact i read it yest eve jus b4 leaving office n was missing rain a lot...thn in the evening by 7 it started raining...a very beautiful shower..its raining in bangalore aftr a very long gap..still drizzlin in the has brought down the temp from 35 yest to 25...njoyin every monent of it..u too should be in bangalore to njoy dis climate yaar...but no idea how long it lasts...

  7. What a lovely story, it short but well said..

  8. I love rains.. so does the earth.

  9. hi honey... u have been tagged... check out ma blog

  10. @ divya @ vijay @kedar @supriya @sorceror 2 rajat:thankx guys ...:)