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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I was going through my old documents when i found out this entry..I don't have any idea when i wrote it or what made me write all this.....

A December night it was. Winters were already on. It was cold outside, very cold.

But she stood there. She preferred the cold chill outside to the warmth inside.

She stepped out again. It had just started snowing.

She closed her eyes .Just to be with herself.

And she knew from there she would start her journey.

A journey into a world which she only knew.

A journey into a love which she could only feel.

A journey into a memory which was her’s and only her’s.

A journey to a world, a world filled with emotion, mystery and joy.

A journey when she could just be herself.

A journey where she could feel everything.

A journey where all her unspoken and unknown dreams become a reality.

A journey of finding her true dreams.

A journey where the unknown strings of her heart was quietly plucked.

A journey whose end will be seen in her long lost traveler.

The traveler who was her dream.

The traveler who was her mystery.

The traveler who was her joy.

A journey to the traveler.

A journey embarked long back.

A journey never to be completed.

The cold wind continued to caress her face.

The snow was making her feet cold.

And she opened her eyes the real world..

A world were dreams only remain as dreams.

And there she stood..

Waiting again for the moment, when she could embark her mysterious journey…..

To find the traveler of her dreams….



  1. Time- The decision-maker always.

  2. Ahh, don't we all live in those moments when dreams meet reality? Nice read.

  3. wow lovely style..thx for sharing chitz

  4. Wow... That took me along into the dream... Are we in the real world or the fantasy?

  5. cool ones! reminds me to think abt learning sketching... i hv postponed it a lot!

  6. fascinating... dream...indeed!time !

  7. Seems like u had a nice journey in ya dreams. wishing the same in reality!

  8. only if dreams bcame real...:)