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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A feathery tale...

There is a chandelier which hangs from the ceiling,a small one. Today while i was going upstairs to my room,I saw a sudden movement in the chandelier area,followed by the fluttering of wings and flying away of 2 birds outside ,through the balcony door which was open..

The birds which were inside for hardly sometime was in the process of building up a nest in the chandelier.A productive use for a space and thing which is rarely used..:)..Guess the birds didn't take much time to find out the place to build their nest because the balcony door was open for barely sometime..and is closed most of the times to prevent unnecessary entries like this..

The marked portion shows a section of the incomplete nest,which will hit the floors very soon..a waste of time and energy of the birds..

What to do?

We cant allow the nest inside as we don't want bird droppings on the heads of our guests every time some comes in..:)

Strange are the ways of the birds also..We had placed pots in the garden so that the birds can perch there..But none of the feathery friends seemed to take interest in it.Instead they preferred encroaching into others property..taking lessons from their homo sapien counterparts I guess..:)

Speaking of birds,i have a nephew who is into birds,animals and stuff.When he was small,he had bought some love-birds .He found them dirty and decided to give them a bath.After the bath he decided to dry them up but it finally led to the death of the birds as he tried to squeeze the birds dry as one does with wet cloth..That is a bird story i will never forget..

we have some love-birds at home..Been there for 10 years or so..Most of them died and many are still surviving..I am against caging of birds,but i was told that if these birds are left in the open they wont live another day to tell the tale of their freedom..

I got a favorite among the birds.He was born with a lame leg and still is so.He lives at the bottom most portion of the cage moving around and trying to climb up the grill sometimes to reach his other friends who are perched up..

And that's our hero..

Many many of the birds with him died and perished.But this guy is still living fine...that is the spirit to live ...

And thus lives on our feathery friends,with no care about the world or worries..happily in their own world..

until the next post...



  1. yeah it was quite a featherly tale.. Guess what.. The scene in ma balcony is just the same. My mom doesnt allow us to go in the balcony when the birds lay eggs there.. And after a few days when we finally go in the balcony, the scene is really bad with droppings all over the place. And whenevr we tried to shoo away the birds and damage their nest, they soon come back..

  2. NIce Snaps.
    I don't like to keep birds in the cage but the reason that you have given to keep them in cage is quite obvious . If you free them ..they will be killed by some big birds like Crow.So better we keep them in cage.

  3. Its fun watching birds.
    We get lots of them in the morning after I water the plants. They come to their watering hole, the tiny ones literally have a bath in between the leaves.

  4. I'm truly in love with ur love birds n this post. sad to see them in cage but good to listen that they live longer if caged. :)

  5. Hmmm.. am amazed by the speed the birds decided on the new nest given the location and the "security" measures! Are you sure that there's no other way in? ;)
    We have an assortment of birds visiting us in the little garden(Remember the night tour!!) It's fun to watch them bathe in the watering hole & then hop onto the the tree branches to dry themselves. And they have various levels on the tree depending on the degree of wetness! :)
    And of course, the incessant chirping as if to tell us... "hey, the water was not clean today!!" Hee!hee!

    Waiting for the next one... :)

  6. Nice pics! I used to love birds in my childhood that I used to pester mom to get me some bird as pet. They never relented :( and finally i myself lost interest :|

    Now your pics got me those memories when i was crying for a pet lol.

    Nice :)

  7. A tale of course...Lot to learn and share about, goes unheeded. Wish we could know everything that happens.

    Invited at my blogs:

  8. I loved the chandelier, the birds and of course the post :)

  9. @chanz:our balcony is safe..dnt know y they developed a liking towards the chandelier

  10. @ vijay:its true..if this type of life is better n safe for them..

  11. @haddock:even we have kept an open vessel in our terrace for the same purpose..:)

  12. I'm too against caging but ever since my sis brought the birds home i couldnt let them free coz they'll not survive :(

    But they do serve the purpose of a wake up call in the morning ,cant keep these birds quite at all :)

  13. @sanju:that is true..they flew in through the grilled door..the grill was big enough to let those birds in...:)

    N with so much greenery around ur house,i am not amazed the birds visit u guys often,,,

  14. @ sans:its for their good dearie..bettr than being the food for the bigger ones..

  15. @ u plannin to get ne feathry frnd now? :)

  16. @ rachit:welcom to my blog...

  17. @ vishal:thankx yaar..after a loong time