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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Awards galore..

thankx vijay for the award.....

Just like the donor ,i am also breaking some rules and making my own..:)

1.Show off the award in your blog...

2.Share the love by giving the award to any number of people you like,be it one or 100...

I would now like to give vijay a small token of my love for his blog..:)

aND now i am presenting "i love your blog" award to satish..for his candid movie reviews..:)

and to sans who writes very well,but who is missing for smtime now.hope she comes bac to reclaim her award soon..:)

Keep blogging everybody...cheers!!!


  1. Awards are Rewards and a reminder to continue working hard. Cheers. Party?

  2. Thanks for awarding me....

  3. Congrats on ur award yaar :)
    Thanks a ton for giving me this award ,its a great source of encouragement for me :)

  4. awww thanq chitz... there are so many pending posts from my side, not at all getting time to post them. life has become truly hectic. busy becoz am nearing the end of my academic year.. so its obvs. will be back soon. u keep posting,...chitz, i love ur blog...