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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The late rains.......

The dark clouds loomed largely in the sky.But he knew it wont rain.It has been the same story for the past many weeks.

The earth looked dry without the rain.

The earth ,just like him he thought,barren and dry;barren and dry without her.And she,she was like those dark clouds up in the sky,promising the earth the pleasure and joy of rain.A promise so near,so close,but never attainable.Always giving you hopes so high,but crushing them and breaking you down at the last moment.

And he, always like the earth,waiting desperately for the clouds to rain...waited for her

The ringing of the doorbell woke him up from his thoughts.

"Sorry,I know,I am late and I took a long time in deciding....but I am finally here"..

He couldn't believe that she was standing in front of him..More than that he couldn't believe what he had heard...

She was standing there smiling at him..

The feeling he had was unexplainable...His joy was out of bounds...

"Wont you ask me to come in?It may rain anytime now"..she said

He looked had already started raining....

He smiled at her....

Suddenly he realized that the best things in life are worth a long wait..

Because She had come finally..And so did the rain.....


Monday, March 22, 2010

The boy who cares...

I have a nephew who is into animals and birds and stuff..when he was a small kid his "helping hand" extended towards animals usually turned out to be a"destructive hand";knowingly or unknowingly.What i am trying to imply is the fact that the birds or animals which he tried to keep wid him didn't have much of a life to live..

Well that is an old story.Now he has grown up to be 15 or so but his liking towards animals and birds still remain.The only difference now being that he is more sensible and the rescue mission of animals he takes up is kinda successful...

3-4 days back he came home with a squirrel that he found from the road..a baby squirrel,which somehow had landed up in the middle of the road..My good Samaritan nephew took up the job of taking the baby squirrel to the vet and then took it home..which cost him his tuition class and earned him some beatings from his teacher..But he is not.. the one to be disheartened..:)Now he takes care of the baby squirrel too well,as per the vet's is really nice to see him feeding it and trying to get it burp like a small baby after the feed..:)

Thats the baby squirrel

Thats my nephew feeding his baby...

And that is the home he made..

And thats the recent story of my nephew,whom i have named as the squirrel's foster father..:)

Not many of us have this quality of love towards animals like this..Well my nephew is one of those in that category of genuine animal lovers..I just wish he retains this liking always..And as far as I know him ,i believe he will..


Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is wrong???

The kiss was missing..
The scenes jumped just like that..
We had to assume they kissed/or not kissed and connect the unseen dots...

End result:The beauty of the movie and that scene was spoiled...

I still don't understand why even a simple kissing scene is considered offensive in TV nowadays?
What can go wrong by watching a simple kiss?

Enough exposure to the harsh truths and realities of life is provided by news channels and newspapers..

Aren't the movies been given a hard time by the censor board?Y cant the ministry of I&B show a little mercy towards our good old television shows?

The subtitles given for English movies sometimes turn out to be hilarious when they try not to subtitle "offensive language " and substitute it with "diplomatic words"..

Turn on the new channels on a day when the parliament is in session and is there a dearth of words and mannerisms we can miss??

So why the hide and seek in such a trivial matter?

after all it is no secret..people kiss each other..and who dosen't know it??

If so,i wonder what all advertisements would be banned from TV???

Are the Indian audience considered that a immature lot??

And finally there will come a day in the history of Indian TV that ratings such as PG,U/A,A are all gone and every program will be reduced to the status of G...GENERAL VIEWING FOR ALL..

Welcome a non-biased for all ages , exclusive general viewing programmed, UN-REAL TV ERA folks..

And that too very soon i guess.:)


Thursday, March 18, 2010

sketches again...

my sketch of the cover page of the book i read recently..:the kite runner..

n this jus came like that...

Some sketches inspired by some photographs i saw..but the final result turned out to be very different..:)

Thats for now folks...


Sunday, March 14, 2010

A read so good....

It was a powerful read...and i dont have the strength for a serious read for the time being...

I didn't know much about Afghanistan until I read Khaled Hosseini's books "a thousand splendid suns"...and "the kite runner"..

Until then to me Afghan was a poverty stricken land ,land of osama, at war wid the US...least did i know about its rich heritage and culture,its famous scholars and poets,the very well learned women,true Islam and its preachings and last but not the least the people who owned a proud culture and most of them who are now reduced to nothing but refugees in their own land.....

Many incidents like the blowing up of the centuries old BUDDHA statue,imposing the taliban rules in the name of religion,and public slaughtering in the name of GOD and many such incidents which were read and forgotten just like that kept coming back like an instant replay....

Its heart rendering and thought provoking..The story unfolding through various people and incidents in the books...their sufferings and their yearning for a glimpse of their past life of joy.. the Afghan that was and the Afghan that is...and relationships,its value and its change with time....

This is not a book review or author appraisal or anything..Its just that the book was so powerful an emotional experience ,that i had to let it out of me..

And finally at the end of all the emotional turmoil ,I felt so drained out that whatever I have read till now didn't hold any comparison..

I read a lot of stuff..Some good,some ok,some pure garbage..I sometimes feel on reading the third category of books i have mentioned ,that mayb even i can write a book..provided i can find a publisher..

These are 2 of the best books i have ever read..and I know it will take a lot of time for me to come out of the Hosseni effect now..

and much more to forget Hassan,Amir,Mariam or Laila.......

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crazy ponderings....

people love..

some continue to....
some break up...n begin and continue to hate each other...
some break up..but they continue to be friends...


some break up..but still they continue to love each other...
then why the break up?

just to cause a lot of heart ache...
just to know how good you two were
just for the high of living in a fantasy ...

life again is unexplainable...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

ART ATTACK..Yet Again!!!

The girl is just admiring the guitar..not playing the position in which the guitar is held may be overlooked.. :)


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I was going through my old documents when i found out this entry..I don't have any idea when i wrote it or what made me write all this.....

A December night it was. Winters were already on. It was cold outside, very cold.

But she stood there. She preferred the cold chill outside to the warmth inside.

She stepped out again. It had just started snowing.

She closed her eyes .Just to be with herself.

And she knew from there she would start her journey.

A journey into a world which she only knew.

A journey into a love which she could only feel.

A journey into a memory which was her’s and only her’s.

A journey to a world, a world filled with emotion, mystery and joy.

A journey when she could just be herself.

A journey where she could feel everything.

A journey where all her unspoken and unknown dreams become a reality.

A journey of finding her true dreams.

A journey where the unknown strings of her heart was quietly plucked.

A journey whose end will be seen in her long lost traveler.

The traveler who was her dream.

The traveler who was her mystery.

The traveler who was her joy.

A journey to the traveler.

A journey embarked long back.

A journey never to be completed.

The cold wind continued to caress her face.

The snow was making her feet cold.

And she opened her eyes the real world..

A world were dreams only remain as dreams.

And there she stood..

Waiting again for the moment, when she could embark her mysterious journey…..

To find the traveler of her dreams….


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A feathery tale...

There is a chandelier which hangs from the ceiling,a small one. Today while i was going upstairs to my room,I saw a sudden movement in the chandelier area,followed by the fluttering of wings and flying away of 2 birds outside ,through the balcony door which was open..

The birds which were inside for hardly sometime was in the process of building up a nest in the chandelier.A productive use for a space and thing which is rarely used..:)..Guess the birds didn't take much time to find out the place to build their nest because the balcony door was open for barely sometime..and is closed most of the times to prevent unnecessary entries like this..

The marked portion shows a section of the incomplete nest,which will hit the floors very soon..a waste of time and energy of the birds..

What to do?

We cant allow the nest inside as we don't want bird droppings on the heads of our guests every time some comes in..:)

Strange are the ways of the birds also..We had placed pots in the garden so that the birds can perch there..But none of the feathery friends seemed to take interest in it.Instead they preferred encroaching into others property..taking lessons from their homo sapien counterparts I guess..:)

Speaking of birds,i have a nephew who is into birds,animals and stuff.When he was small,he had bought some love-birds .He found them dirty and decided to give them a bath.After the bath he decided to dry them up but it finally led to the death of the birds as he tried to squeeze the birds dry as one does with wet cloth..That is a bird story i will never forget..

we have some love-birds at home..Been there for 10 years or so..Most of them died and many are still surviving..I am against caging of birds,but i was told that if these birds are left in the open they wont live another day to tell the tale of their freedom..

I got a favorite among the birds.He was born with a lame leg and still is so.He lives at the bottom most portion of the cage moving around and trying to climb up the grill sometimes to reach his other friends who are perched up..

And that's our hero..

Many many of the birds with him died and perished.But this guy is still living fine...that is the spirit to live ...

And thus lives on our feathery friends,with no care about the world or worries..happily in their own world..

until the next post...


Awards galore..

thankx vijay for the award.....

Just like the donor ,i am also breaking some rules and making my own..:)

1.Show off the award in your blog...

2.Share the love by giving the award to any number of people you like,be it one or 100...

I would now like to give vijay a small token of my love for his blog..:)

aND now i am presenting "i love your blog" award to satish..for his candid movie reviews..:)

and to sans who writes very well,but who is missing for smtime now.hope she comes bac to reclaim her award soon..:)

Keep blogging everybody...cheers!!!