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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


3 years back..late one night,a phone-call woke up all of us in the house..and left us not sleeping that day and the following few days..the phone-call conveyed the death of a relative,the death which was actually a suicide..a young man with wife and two kids..why he did so, it is a secret between him and god even today...

yesterday,again i came upon a similar story and a similar situation..a man again leaving behind his wife and little kids..

One day you are just a kid,suddenly you realize you are no more one and you are a grown up..You marry,u have a family and life goes on,with its share of happiness and sorrows..and one -day all of a sudden you just leave all your loved ones and go away just like that,to a place where there is a no-return option

Why does a person do so??

What makes a person take the decision,and what gives him the courage to do so,is in-comprehensible to me..maybe they have had problems..but who doesn't have problems..maybe a second thought,may b an open talk might have turned around things the other way..

I guess everything is a thing of"mind over mater"..and "matter over mind"..which overrides the other ,decides where you are heading to..

Sometimes i feel the ways of God are funny..people who have a zest for life and who haven't had lived to their full are called back by him so soon..and then he creates some,who just end everything by their own..ironical..isn't it??

Whatever said and done,death creates a void which can never be filled..and all we can do is share the sorrow of the ailing family..who are left behind with unknown answers and most of them with an unsure future....

And again..why ??why did it happen??....

we are clueless and groping in the dark...

And this is one of those situations when life doesn't give you a second chance..



  1. The toughest part of life is not ending it but living it...
    Cowards take the former decision...

    hey y have u deleted the previous post ??????
    i was expecting a continuation

  2. Hope And we live.
    When hope ends life ends.

  3. Pathetic,selfish cowards... nothing else!

  4. I believe that birth and death are decided by GOD himself...Whether it be an accident...or a disease...or a normal death or a suicide...A person might take a decision tht he shud do suicide in a fraction of a second...That thought might be induced by god..if he decided tht a person shudnt die then he wl nt how much ever times he try to do so...

  5. @ satish:its true.. cant understand the mindset of those ppl n will neevr b able to..

    n the previous probs..some "technical " difficulties.. :P

  6. @ hobo: i gues it is upto the person to keep up the hope aflame always..

  7. @ Hary: cowardice is here..inability to fight the probs in life..

  8. @ divya: abt God,i dnt my view the person was shuning away from all his responsibilities..

  9. Ya...thts true i agree that a person who suicide is surely runnin off his responsabilities...i am nt supporting them...jus shared my thoughts in a different angle..