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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

OLD is definitely GOLD!!!

Old age is said to be a second childhood..where you will be free from all responsibilities and will be taken care of well, as you were during your childhood...Spending your retired life and old age peacefully with your kids and grand kids...that is the perfect dream!!!

For many it remains a dream..I came across an old lady,bedridden and just with a home nurse to look after her,who more than nursing her seems to boss her..her kids ,though they stay nearby have no time for their mother..It might be true in the daily run of life,time is an important constraint....but i don't think taking a few minutes off from a day,to visit their ailing mother is an impossible task..

I have read somewhere this old folktale where the king of a place decided that all old people are definitely useless and shud be abandoned in a far away mountain once they reach a certain age.two sons decide to keep their parents hidden away in the basement as they loved them so much to abandon them.Time went by and great disasters which were about to fall on the country was averted by the timely advice of the old couple,from whom the messages wee passed on to the king by thier sons.When the king finally came to know the truth about the couple,he realized his mistake and banished his law...

That was an example of pearls of wisdom,wisdom which was acquired with age,with experience...Like they say..."old is gold"..

If it was not for the wisdom part also,let your elders be a little less wise and non-contributing to the family needs,how can one justify the act of puting their parents or elders in an old-age home ,and treating them as if they are a burden?

Its like cutting off your roots and your reason for existence and throwing them away...

I can't understand why don't such people understand the emotions and sentiments of their parents..How will it feel,when you are abandoned by people for whom you have loved and lived your entire life for??

And one thing which surely those kind of people do not understand is

"What goes around...surely does come around!!.....

Tough luck for them ,that they do not realise that their turn to be old ,is just around the corner.....

And such people should realize,It is just a good heart and some good thoughts which you need,to make your elder's later years in life the best years of their life....



  1. nice post chithi...very true also

  2. That was just the kind of post, which makes us realize the responsibilities and the love, we forget for the ones who cared for us the most :)

    Needless to say, lovely post :)

    Btw, havent seen you around on my blog since long, how have you been ?

    Sourav .. in love with me and life!! :)

  3. very truthful post..
    wish the laws were stricter for people who abandon their parents ...

    keep blogging
    cheers !!!

  4. @ abu @chanz:thankx gys..

    @sourav:welcom bac..u were the one who was hibernating for loong..:)

    @satish:i know,its sad,but its true...