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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My current grievances...

The anniversary was planned perfectly..nothing could seem to spoil it..but then,the plans were not meant to be..and in just a matter of 5 days,everything got called off..the anniversary celebrations were not meant to be..A definite thumbs down on your mood quotient.

You trusted somebody as a true friend.And whenever a help was asked promptly it was done by you..But one fine day,you asked for a help..not once but twice or thrice and then you find that the "yes i will definitely do it" from the other side was just a saying which never was put into application..and the lame excuses which followed..that is not something which will make you feel happy and good,is it?

You were sure of getting something,and lo and behold someone who was nowhere in the scene for a loong time walk away with all the accolades which you were sure was meant for you..not good again..

A new dress worn only once,goes missing just like tat from the place it was put for drying..And only your dress goes missing and all the others are safe and sound..certainly not good..

You love somebody and want to be with them.But a twist of fate forbids you from meeting that person for not one,not two ,but three straight months..definitely a nail in the coffin!!!

And there you go,definitely not happy..more frustrated..and surely asking why god why???

I know it has been loong since i blogged.And i seriously did not want to start a new month with this "grievances and hate post "..

But the above mentioned is a bit of which has been happening in my life in the past two weeks.

One day i woke up to a chilly morning and the next thing i know,I am in a hot and sweaty place..

An anniversary which is going to be not much celebrated since I am alone ,A friend who suddenly did not seem much of one,a well awaited "something" not in hand,the sudden disappearance of my new dress,and finally me being away from my husband for three looong months...

I definitely have all the right to sulk all the way..and I am very well doing so!!!!

And i turned out to be the "INCREDIBLE SULK " ..

So loong folks...
until the next normal post...



  1. awwwwww.... thats sad... so wen r u meeting your husband... You'll soon forget abt the dress and the anniversary when u meet him.. :)

  2. Am lost for words yaar.....
    No words could lift ur spirits up except your own..

    Get better & get back to blogging normally soon :)

  3. hmm quite a grievance indeed! i think i went thru the frnd story which yu said!! anyways cya around!


  4. Wish u all the best..
    Just face everything with strngth..
    Just stumbled here..
    Nice cool work..:)



  5. @chaz:yea dearie..i hope so..:(

  6. @satish @nipun : thankx

    @hary:the frnd part hurts bad if the person was ur "best"

  7. aww :( happy anniversary still :) cheer up