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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Parting Ways....


Her eyes were intoxicating.More than the drink in his hand.The most beautiful he had ever seen.He just kept on staring ,staring and staring..What else could he do,for he was helpless.A drink in his hand,and a smile in his face,that was what he was now.Some where,somehow,some place,he had hoped to meet her.But this was the least expected of places.She was still the same to him,nothing less than perfect.He wanted to,very much wanted to,hug her and tell her how much ever he loved her still.But,he wondered whether she had noticed him till then.Everything came back to him suddenly.The meeting,the courtship, the breakup and the heart break which followed the break-up.He wondered again if she had seen him?He wondered again,did she love him still?He didn't think so.But deep in his mind,he wished so.And then came the moment,she looked up,and yeah,she saw him.And there she stood staring back at him.What did her eyes convey to him??Was the emotion filled with joy,sorrow or betrayal.What was she trying to say to him?As usual,he stood there.Having no clue of her emotions or feelings,unsure of what she was trying to tell him.And all of a sudden he knew,why she went away from him,why those promises were broken,and why that goodbye had to be said.And he stood there again,unable to do anything..but stare into those beautiful,big black eyes...

She turned and started walking away,
And for him,life went back to the drink which was awaiting him...


She walked into that place with her friend.She disliked the place more than anything else in he world.It held for her memories.Memories she tried very hard to erase from her mind,but which failed to leave her at any cost.She looked up,and there he was.In their usual place,minus her.Images from the past,flashed before her eyes.He still was the same.The same unruly hair,the same bratish look and the same stare that penetrated deep into her heart.Did he still love her?Will he forgive her for her immature behavior?Will he forgive her for walking out on him,when he was the most confused?Will he ever understand her??She looked at him,hoping for a smile in return.But nothing happened.And then she knew,she was nowhere in his life.She realized he had said good bye to her forever..

Dejected ,she turned around and walked away....
To another life,which she wished she could build up someday without his memories...

And here they were ,saying goodbye to each other,because of their unspoken and misunderstood perspectives and thoughts...

And little did they know,a look back would have avoided the parting ways.....



  1. that was amazing chitzz... really amazing.. i think it is the most sad thing that could ever happen to anyone.. It is heartbreaking when you are not sure whether your love loves you or not. But it is devastating when your love loves you and you have no clue about it. I think I know how the two of them must be feeling. But it is difficult to understand what they are going through...

  2. hmmm this is quite the problem most of the time! ego and misunderstanding!!! will ppl ever learn!

  3. Very true post yaar :)
    Liked the ay u put it across :)

    gr8 work :)

  4. Beautiful narration.. Loved it


  5. This happens so many timnes,and I always feel that why not sit down and clear the air:(

  6. Was that perspective etched out of ones personal exp ;)

    Btwn, i guess, most of the times affair doesnt work out is because of the simple reason that you highlighted...we forget or rather we expect the other person to be a mind reader!

    again if you extrapolate data of affairs-of-heart borne in college...99 percent of the times it doesnt work out is again primarily...there's none to break the glass ceiling!!

    Or in other words who bells the CAT!!


  7. There lies so much of misunderstanding than the required understanding.

  8. I just remembered

    A poem had born out of me

    About a He and a She

    destined to
    walk away

    Destined -never to meet again