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Monday, January 18, 2010

My bengali diaries-part 8

I was walking down the road in the afternoon,quite happily basking in the sun which shows itself once in a while nowadays.Suddenly I came to a sudden halt.There was this "crossing " of the road going on.Not of humans ,but of monkeys.First I thought it was a single one.Then a family of them.All of a sudden i felt like it was a picnic of the whole monkey village...There were lots of them!!!

I am not living in a jungle,in a zoo or any place close by.Over here,This was my first experience of these many characters at such close quarters outside a zoo.Naturally i was astonished.. and afraid,not to mention..

Where did they appear all of a sudden..i have no idea..but the repercussions of their arrival were well to be seen..

My neighbor lazily woke up at 10 one Sunday morning,only to find her milk packet in shreds and milk all over..clothes which are hung outside for drying are going missing and later found in bits and pieces..The dogs in the surroundings,have been all reduced to the status of docile lambs:following the beating up by monkeys.

Some trained and domesticated langurs (black tall monkeys)were brought to chase away the monkeys.The monkeys took to their heels at the sight of the langurs.Thus they chased away monkeys with monkeys.And finally we are devoid of the "M company"..and the almost 2 day seige by the monkeys came to an end!!

(not a seige it was,but the drama seems to spice things up..:) )

First horror stories about snakes and the sight of a sheded snake skin..Now monkeys..I should say,The East is a pretty wild place..

And on other notes..winters are on full form and never seem to end..its almost going to be 3 months now...and now the mind of mine has started craving for a bit less cold of a weather...

its true,you can't have too much of a good thing also...

until the next post folks..




  1. Ooppss now an Monkey attack on you...i know that the aliens are nearby...lolzzz.... take care of urself.... i love winter...lets switch abt that??


  2. i woke up once to see my neighbours dog lickin me!!! cya around

  3. I have read your post on snake drama and now this Monkey's problem....You are always surrounded with these creatures...

  4. monkeys.... hahaha....

    you know what, my nephew has come from US to visit us. He is 3 yrs old. Whenever he sees a cow, dog or any other animal on the road, he shouts 'Look, animal house'... and you cant help but laugh.. :)

  5. Lolz thats quite an experience yaar...
    At first read i thought that it was a fictional post but turned out to be an interesting one :)

    keep blogging
    cheers !!!!

  6. great blog layout and design !