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Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Baby You...

My baby,you are my life..
You are the most precious one ..
You are the one I have been waiting for throughout..
I will love you,like no one can ever do..
I will care for you like no-one can ever do..
And I will give up anything for you..
Just so that,you will be happy...

These are the thoughts..the thoughts of a mother,about her baby..

Mostly...yeah,I am forced to say "mostly"..

Some babies are denied the chance to experience the life outside the mother's womb.And their short stint with life ends there itself.

I was asked to write an article about female-foeticide,and research revealed some gruesome facts.

Reasons?The causes?The implications?The preventive measures?

I am not going to present the details of my research before you...

It is a story which has been told again and again and a battle which has been fought over and over..

I didn't read much about male-foeticide..But definitely there will be cases of pregnancy termination,without even knowledge of the sex ..

Reasons for termination of pregnancy?

Other issues(Cant afford a baby,Not ready for a baby)-Questionable and debatable.
Because the foetus turned out to be a female??-Un-exceptable in every sense of the word...

If they keep on terminating female births,I wonder how do those people plan to survive and carry forward?Interesting it will be,to know their thoughts..

Some people pray,try do everything they can possibly do to have a baby.While some just say "no way",to another life to be born into the world..Ironical isn't it?

And then there are the lucky ones,who can really look into the eyes of their baby and say..

"Oh,my baby you know how much I love you"....

And I wish,every baby is given a chance to hear this beautiful lullaby....


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  1. Termination of pregnancy is a serious dark mark on our society. As you mentioned, there are many reasons, both justifiable and unjustifiable. You have listed all unjustifiable reasons. Why don't you just think about justifiable reasons?
    A child borne with fatal birth issues which could end his/her life in 4-5 months or years. That pain and suffering could be avoided if parents decide not to give birth to that baby. That is not his or parents fault. But just fate and all the mercy as humans we could show is not to bring him to have a painful life.
    Another reason which I feel justifiable is avoiding pregnancy at very very early stage, if the conceive of life is not at a time when parents are ready to have a child.

  2. @piecesofmythought: Thankx for the comment. :)i completely agree wid you..your points come under those catgories which I have mentioned as Medical and other issues,which are acceptable and debatable on certain levels..
    This post is not about justification or unjustification of pregnancy terminations.I was just trying to put out my feelings on the unwanted termination of pregnancies,without any reason other than it being a female,and other cases of which some ppl just abort the baby and where sm ppl just crave for it..:)..

  3. @piecesofmythought:have bolded and added some points to make my view more clear.. :)

  4. Even more worse its the fact that they are advertising I-PILL so much these days...

    Dunno how come ppl earn through these things.....
    so Pathetic !!!

  5. Its a evil existing in our society... i guess all those ppl should be punished under the law...oh by law ...its time to change the law of the land...Our Consitutions...its 100-200yrs old... it cannot fight the injustice happening around! Its time for us to unite and bring ppl to notice....!!

  6. @ satish:abortion is contraceptives prevent tht.. :)..can't blame i=pill.they rnt supporting abortion..

  7. @rohit:truly said..changes wid time r necessary..n thankx for the tag..:)

  8. good that you brought this topic.. I think I just get too sentimental when I read about things like these. My heart aches when I see the same happening in my own family and my relatives.. But since I cant raise my voice against the elderly, i just keep my mouth shut and cry over these issues..

    M sorry I am adding a comment to Sat_hi_sh' comment. Well actually, i dont agree with you. I-pill has nothing to do with the topic that chitz has written about. Dont confuse the two. The contraceptives are just a means to control the population (or lemme say the unnecessary population growth) which is just the result of making out. It is just a way to avoid unplanned pregnancies. It was nothing to do with the gender..M sorry i had to add this.

  9. @chanz:its true,some social evils like dis still continue to be practiced in our nation even after these many decades of independence

    N its ohk,to add the second part of the comment..sharing of knowledge is always gud.. :)