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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Surprise Meeting!!!

Disclaimer:The below mentioned incident is real and all the characters are alive and kicking as of this very moment.I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.But the below mentioned are completely my thoughts about the incident and I don't think there is a better place to voice it out ,other than my blog..

It was around four in the evening.A four which looked like an 8 in the night,thanks to the ongoing winter.I was out shopping.The privileged and much awaited weekend shopping and roaming around the city and its only mall..which is a good 15 km from the place where i stay..

I picked up a pair of jeans and went to try out when I found out the trial room was full.Waiting is something which I don't like to,but here i did not have any other option.I was happy when I heard one of the doors unlatching and a lady exiting..I was about to enter the trial room,when i was stopped by this heavily accented voice..

"Hey r u?"

Surprised,I turned around.There stood in front of me a lady.Brown hair,black goggles ,A t-shirt , a three fourth and sneakers.

The Instant thoughts through mind were like

A three fourth and no sweater in this weather,which was below 10 degrees???Maybe she changed the sweater in the trial room,but still three-fourths?,isn't she cold?

Black goggles,shh..wrong place ,wrong time..But then maybe she is,chances of that are nil.

Heavy accent,golden brown hair..foreigner?if so,with her skin..she looked like a burnt,an NRI gone wild,yup..that is it.

Lets call her A n me C

A:y r u surprised,u didn't recognize me??
C:m sorry,but no..
A:oh C,i am A..The one who studied with you ..we met last 4 yrs back..remember?

I was literally surprised.Because if she was the person ,she was claiming to be,she had undergone a complete metamorphosis of her outer self.

C:Oh you,how r u?n how come u r here?

Seems like A got married and is settled in London.She is home for vacations and is on her way to visit Darjeeling..

That explains it..i thought..

After exchanging pleasantries,n whn she was abt to say bye..i coudnt help but asking...

"Why three fourths..arent u feeling cold in this weather?"

A:No girlie,u should come to London..I feel its hot over here..Look at you all covered and bundled up in sweaters ..

C:"I am sorry I was not born in London".(you ice princess)..the bracketed portion being said in my mind.

A:ok,thn bye..cya..surprised..cin you..n happy too,..

C:same here,bye..

End of conversation..

Where I live,the chances of seeing a known face from the other phase of my life is almost nil.And if I see one,I will be really surprised.

today..I was surprised..more than seeing her,by the way she looked..

The last time I saw her,she was a sober girl..the maximum heights of fashion she would attempt would have been a jeans and a long kurti.

But today..she has completely changed.

Throughout the conversation she was staring at me,through her black goggles..which again made me think,y isn't she removing them..maybe she has sore eyes..

I am not criticizing her modern way of dressing,which i completely support and follow..
To me, a jeans and a t-shirt is the most comfortable and decent clothing,ever invented by man!!
A sari will be my last option any day,even though i love the wonder known as "sari"

I am not a fashion guru and I am out giving out any gyaan.
But I feel there are some common grounds where any human being in their senses will finally reach to..
Because there are things you wear,and things you wear that suit you,and wearing those things which suit you at the proper place and time.

There is a commonly used term- YO!!!..translated to cool,chik,hep,hip-hop and all the similar meaning terms..

Then there is a Malayalm word -AIYO!!..translated to surprised..mostly not in the positive sense but the other way round..something which can be substituted for OH MY GOD!!(in the thumbs down manner ,that too)..

My friend tried to become a YO!!
But she ended up becoming an AIYO!!

And that folks,was my brush with "FASHION TURNED FREAKY"...

And mostly she irked me with her London statement,which prompted me to make her a part of my blog and present her before you wonderful readers.. :)

until the next post folks..

keep smiling..




  1. didnt the fashion freak take your heart away.. Weren't u impressed by her YO look... Thankfully, i havent ever cum across an 'item' like your dear friend.. trust me, i would hv burst out laughing... This post was a mood lifter.. n i loved the YO n the AIYO part... Lol

  2. Hi Friend ur doing an excellent work.. Can we exchange links...

  3. @chanz:believe me,i was too astonished to laugh even..

  4. AIYO NRI's !!!!
    these ppl never learn :D
    U have put ur views across well...


  5. Thank You...i know we invented the jeans and issues...and we will continue to do so!!
    anyways a gurl looks beautiful in a sari!!No offense!!
    So where do u actually live?Darjeeling? That happens to be close to my place!!! :)

  6. Well!!
    Many seasons a wintry dec night of delhi bumped into a female in front of priya wearing nothing but a saree..a yellow saree and she was breathtakingly beautiful that left me breathless.

    Was left wondering after i recovered my breath as to how she is battling the cold. Maybe it was just a walk from the warmer confines of Priya to her BMW (i presume it had to be a BMW...anything less wld have a shade on her beauty).

    On the Twang...its just the sole distinguising feature always carefully highlighted to reflect ones access to offshore and of course the stamp on the passport...the thin line between a desi indian and bideshi indian.


  7. unexpected moments become cherished memories in the long run....that s what life is all about init?

  8. @satish:not all NRIs..jus a very few of the whole lot..

  9. @ rohit:by man i did not refer to the masculine gender..guess i better change it to human beings..n yea..sari mite be beautiful..but its a no-no for daily use..atleast for me..

  10. yeah not all NRI's :D ...only a few!cya around

  11. Yo and Aiyoo, well explained. It happens when people chamge to feel the change, and not to embrace their self.

  12. Aiyoo kashtam!! would have been more appropriate.Awesome post :)