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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SomeThoughts On A Cold Night..

I am just back from a stroll through the campus..and believe me ,it was very cold..cold that the last thing you would have wanted to do,will be taking a stroll at a time like this..But yeah,I chose to take the stroll..

It was beautiful..The streetlights were on..You could see the mist settling in the shadows of the light..

It reminded me of a dream which I had loong loong back,and which is still etched very brightly into my memory...

It was beautiful..I felt happy..I got a feeling that Xmas is here,even though there are no trees,carols or Xmas cakes this time around...And mostly I was happy,because it was winter..My favorite season of the year....Winters to me are filled with santa,christmas and some foggy memories which remains undeciphered....

The thoughts which flow and the feelings that arise,the emotions that couldn't be expressed just through words....winters gives me a mixture of all this..The cold weather might make my logical brain go dumb,but it sure awakes the dreamy and mysterious part of my think- tank...

I remember the last christmas eve..After a movie called "Holidays"..I was walking in the lawn of my garden...the drizzle was still on..The chill was awesome..And then there was the peace,calm and the feeling of a high and joy I felt ...And I was there enjoying every bit of that moment..Wishing that the moment dosen't pass by..and praying every moment in my life remains a beautiful as this..

Santa must have granted my wish,and I do believe in SANTA..hes a childhood enigma and I dont wana be a grown up this time to disown him completely..bcoz for me,without santa,the charm of the season is completely lost....

I might be getting carried away..So better I stop now..I want to wish all my readers a very very merry xmas and a equally prosperous and fulfilling new year..:)

May santa fulfill all your wishes...

Until the next post folks..
keep smiling..



  1. Merry X'mas and a Wonderful newyear to you Chith......

  2. ur dependence on Santa, eventhough, merely for seasonal joy, is fantastic..........the beauty of this blog lies in this pure hanging...

  3. I know what ur talking about...sometimes being with oneself is so soothing...

    What campus are we talking about?

    Merry Christmas dear!! Hope all ur wishes come true!!

  4. @arvind:thankx arvi..wish u the same..

  5. @ sunukavita:whts christmas afterall without santa? :D

  6. @rohit:

    Merry xmas n a very happy new yr too u too..:)
    yup,every1 gets into tht mood smtimes i guess..
    n its an airforce campus..

  7. Merry Christmas &

    A Happy new year to u too :)


  8. I've always loved the Christmas they show in the movies.. Snow covered landscape and the festive mood.. Had a chance to see pre-christmas excitement and snow in Sweden. Am back to India though and would've loved to have been there for the actual Christmas.

    Merry Christmas..

  9. Merry christmas

    in case you are wondering..who I am and how i ended up in here..

    well!! i just started off with a click and then my reindeer steered me here.

  10. nice memories indeeeed!!! merry christmas to yu!!

  11. Whats dec without misty foggy evenings, blooming gardens and a hot cuppa of tea..and whats dec without christmas..a time for plum cakes, fairs and shopping!!

    on that note...merry christmas!!

  12. @ satish:merry xmas dost..

    @arslan:hey came to know of ur sweden trip frm ur posts..hope u had a nice time there..merry xmas to you too..:)

  13. @ sorcerer:Merry xmas to you too..
    I dont wonder..the spirit of xmas can do miraculous and strange things..

  14. @ hary: merry xams to u..:)

    @ wanderer:wish u a merry xams,,its a season i wait for ,for a whole year.:)

  15. Santa defintely holds a major share in the ambience surrounding the Christamas eve.

    Merry X'Mas and have a rocking year ahead....